Tap Into the Change Maker!

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The Holy Spirit has been given to us and lives in us. He is greater, stronger, bigger, mightier, and more powerful than anything we will ever face! He will help us in every situation. We may get in a panic, but He never does. To us, our situation may look impossible. But to God, it's possible.

When we get a hold of Jesus and the Word and recognize that the Holy Spirit lives in us, our lives will never be the same. Our minds can be renewed. Our bodies can be healed. Our families can be restored. Our circumstances can change!

When it seems like all is lost, don't give up. God says, "I can change that." When everything looks like it's over, your Heavenly Father says, "It's not over. I'm changing it."

It's easy to look at your situation and give in to the pressure that surrounds you. But in the middle of your circumstances, start expecting them to change. In the middle of the biggest mess you've ever been in, say, "Something good is going to happen to me!" No matter what is going on, you can believe God's Word, speak it, and expect it to come to pass in your life.

As you relax and wait patiently on the Lord, your change will come. Hold tightly to God's promises. Let His power and ability work on your behalf. You will see what everyone said could never happen—happen!

Don't miss a single page of this month's issue. Lynette's article on page 10 gives godly tips on raising children and my dad's article on page 22 teaches you how to respond to your enemies with God's love. Be sure to share your favorite quotes from the articles with us on social media. Just #RhemaWOF.

PS. All of us at Kenneth Hagin Ministries pray that you have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends!



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