Trusting Jesus in 2021

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Another year is here: 2021! What a year we have left behind. I was looking at the Seed Thoughts I … Read More

Depend on God

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Trusting God in Storms

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Asking the Holy Spirit for Help

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I have concentrated often on the Book of Matthew where Jesus was preparing the disciples for His departure from the … Read More

Being Thankful in Hard Times

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I have been reflecting back over the last several months. Life has certainly not been my normal. Because of the … Read More

Living in Peace

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All of us have had to adjust to many things outside our normal mode of life. We are constantly wondering … Read More

Resting in God’s Protection!

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In the situations and circumstances we face, it is easy to let fear dominate our entire lives. I am so … Read More

Think on the Right Things

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How many times have you heard someone ask, “What are you thinking about?” I used to hear the phrase, “A … Read More

Be Kind to One Another

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As 2020 begins, I decided to reflect on the advancement of the technology that has occurred over the last 25 … Read More

Christmastime: A Great Time to Connect

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For most people, December is a hectic month. Most importantly, we should celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, … Read More