Psalm 91

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You may have certain scriptures or chapters in the Bible that you refer to more than others. One of those … Read More

Trusting God

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We are entering another year, 2022! Many times when starting a new year, we wonder, “What does this year hold … Read More

My Christmas Message to You

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Every year at our Carols, Candlelight & Communion service at Rhema Bible Church, I read the story of Jesus’ birth. … Read More

Make ‘Giving Thanks’ Your Lifestyle

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One of the most important qualities we can develop is thankfulness. Many times we dwell so much on the adverse … Read More

Be of Good Courage

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Life can become so busy that we neglect the very one Who can help us navigate everything we are facing. … Read More

There Is a Saying

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Has anyone said to you, “Watch your attitude”? Or you may have said to a sibling or to your child, … Read More

Are You Enjoying Your Inheritance?

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If you are born again, you are an heir of God (Gal. 3:29) and a joint-heir with Jesus Christ (Rom. … Read More

Influencing Your Children’s Lives

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Summer is here! I love this time of the year. I love daylight, so I am always excited when daylight … Read More

Loving the Way God Made You

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Once again, the month has come when we set aside time to honor our mothers. One author wrote, “Some men … Read More

It’s Time for Some Spring Cleaning

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I’m sure that you may have a favorite season of the year. My favorite season is spring. I love the … Read More