Authority in Prayer

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Kenneth E. HaginIn teaching on prayer for so many years, I always take two particular Bible texts. The reason I … Read More

Pray for Those in Authority

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Lynette HaginOne thing that has been rolling over in my mind and spirit concerning prayer is the fact that we’ve … Read More

A Call to Prayer

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Reggie ScarboroughIf we can understand and use the power of prayer as Christians and especially as men of God, our … Read More

Pray Honest Prayers

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I recently went through a difficult period. Believe it or not, ministers have bad times too. My family was going … Read More

Divine Instruments

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IN 1948, I pastored a small church in East Texas. In December of that year, I took time to wait … Read More

The Power of Thankfulness

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Kenneth E. HaginThe Bible exhorts believers to pray always (Eph. 6:18). Along with their continual fellowship with the Lord through … Read More

Do the Greater Works!

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Lynette HaginIn John 14:12–14, we discover one thing that God intends for our life by reading what Jesus said about … Read More

Preparing the Way of the Lord

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Patsy CamenetiThe Romans were the first people to build highways. They would make highways to the places that they wanted … Read More