A CALL TO ARMS 2021: Ascending to a Higher Life

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Men from across the U.S. gathered at Kenneth W. Hagin’s A Call to Arms® Men’s Conference to renew their faith … Read More

Free From Pressure

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Have you ever been under pressure? Pressure to perform, to succeed, to be a good parent or a good spouse? … Read More

What Real Men Do

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Hell hates your guts, men of God. But we are here to whip hell! Jesus said, “I’m going to build … Read More

A Call To Arms 2018: God’s Mighty Men

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A Call to Arms 2018 Men’s Conference was phenomenal! For three days, men from all walks of life gathered in … Read More

Last Man Standing: Building Champions

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Kenneth W. Hagin opened A Call to Arms Men’s Conference with a strong exhortation for men to see themselves as champions. It … Read More

Navigating the Adventure of Life

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A Call to Arms 2016 Men’s Conference was nothing short of amazing! For three days, men from around the world heard life-changing … Read More