Navigating the Adventure of Life

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Call to Arms 2016 Men's Conference was nothing short of amazing! For three days, men from around the world heard life-changing truths and experienced powerful times of worship. They gained tools to help them successfully sail the ocean of life and handle the wind and waves of adversity.

The men left better equipped to guide their marriages, children, finances, and careers. They also learned how to be a godly voice in government. Be

sure to join us next year for A Call to Arms 2017, to be held November 2–4 on the Rhema USA campus in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Here's a sample of what A Call To Arms 2016 speakers said.


Kenneth W. Hagin

The Holy Spirit Is the Best Navigator

AS MEN, it's important to learn how to navigate through life with the Holy Spirit at the helm. To do this we must learn to listen to His voice. Each of us needs to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to us individually. We should never rely on others to learn how the Holy Spirit is directing us.

Romans 8:14–15 says, "There are things to do and places to go! This resurrection life you received from God is not a timid, grave-tending life. It's adventurously expectant, greeting God with a childlike 'What's next, Papa?' "(MSG).

God has great things planned for us. He will take us places we never thought we would go and open doors for us to do things we never imagined. He will guide our steps so we intersect with people we never thought we would meet.

The Holy Spirit will tell us what to do in every situation. He'll show us when to move forward and when to stay put. When we choose to follow the Holy Spirit's leading, we will experience a fantastic adventure.

It's up to us to rise up and be all we can be for the Lord. I want to challenge you to do this by following the Holy Spirit every day. He is the best navigator and knows the way to victory. Even when the path doesn't look like it's the right way to go, if we continue following Him, we will always come out on top. He always leads us to success.


Craig W. Hagin


In Mark chapter 4, Jesus and His disciples were in a boat when a fierce windstorm arose. The waves began crashing into the boat and filling it with water. Through all of this, Jesus was sound asleep in the stern. The disciples were afraid they were going to die, so they frantically woke Him. Jesus rebuked the winds and said to the sea, "Peace, be still" (Mark 4:39). Then He asked His disciples, "Why are ye so fearful?" (vs. 40).

Jesus is in our "boat of life." He promises never to leave nor forsake us. He is with us 24/7/365, and if it happens to be a leap year, 366 days. Because Jesus is with us, we can have peace in the midst of any storm.

We should never be fearful when we encounter storms. Jesus never freaks out, so why should we? In the midst of a storm or trial, He is saying to us, "You're going to get through this. Keep doing what I've called you to do. You're going to make it to the other side."


Chip Brim

"Snipers and sharp shooters are now taught 'one shot, one kill.' It used to be 'spray and pray.' When it comes to confession, which are you? Are you just spraying and praying confessions and hoping one hits? Or are you dialed in? It's time we are covenant-minded. Is covenant on your mind right now? Does it come out of your mouth every day, every time you pray, every time you speak to God? Dial it in. Get your heads up. Come on, champions, know who you are in Christ! Let's get that mentality back."

Steve Houpe

"We're at a serious moment in time in this nation if we don't get a real move of God—not in the world, but in the church. We have to repent, and it has to start in the church. We have to have purity of heart. What does it mean when we're standing behind the pulpit and we don't love everybody? We've got to get it right. I believe it starts with men of God. There has to be purity—there has to be honesty that flows from the house of God and touches the world. We are the light of the world."


Don Burns

Navigating Finances in Today's Climate

"Society has taught us that we never have enough. But when does that end? If we don't have a purpose for our finances, we'll walk around aimlessly. We must have a goal."


Tony Cooke

Navigating Families: The Captain and Crew

"Our wives need us; our children need us. We are not created in the image and likeness of Homer Simpson; we are created in the image and likeness of God."


Nathan Dahm

Navigating Politics as a Believer

"We navigate government by meeting with our elected officials and pointing them to Jesus. Then we pray that laborers will cross their paths. Lastly, we pray for more godly leaders to be raised up."


Johnathan Morin

Navigating Youth to Safe Harbors

"We have got to be the men who lead this generation [of youth]—not just direct them, but lead them to Jesus to show them a safe harbor."


Tim Redmond

Navigating Life as a Leader

"Leaders are healers. There are situations waiting for you to show up with your gentle strength. You're a mighty man of valor. Go and lead and set the captives free."


Jerry Weinzierl

Navigating Marriage: The Adventure of Love

"[Restoration] takes two people who want to submit to the will and Word of God. And at the same time, who are willing to do the hard work."

"This was my first time to attend the conference! Most people think of it as a time to be empowered, but to me it was a time to build a foundation. It was a good reminder of what needs to be done and a good reminder of who we are as men. It was powerful!"

—FD, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

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