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The God of Heaven and earth wants to march across your life and free you from troubling circumstances and situations. He specializes in the impossible and comes through when all hope is lost. He breaks you out of the enemy’s traps. God wants to give you a supernatural breakthrough!

David faced many obstacles throughout his life, but he triumphed supernaturally. After he became king of Israel, the Philistines came after him. He sought God and received instructions to fight—God would deliver them into his hands. He obeyed the Word of the Lord, and it happened. (See 2 Sam. 5:17–20.) David called that place “Baal-perazim” (Lord of breaking through) and said, “The Lord has broken through my enemies before me, like the bursting out of great waters” (v. 20 AMPC).

It wasn’t a hard-fought battle. David didn’t have to wear the enemy down. No! God brought him a smashing, resounding victory. The same God that broke through for David is the same God that breaks through for you.

David wasn’t perfect. He was like us, but God called him a man after His own heart. Why? There are two outstanding reasons: 1) David was quick to repent; 2) David believed God and acted on what He said.

Admit When You’re Wrong

David didn’t make excuses. When he messed up, he acknowledged it. How many times do people try to justify their wrongdoings? “Well, if it hadn’t been for this or that.” Be quick to ask for forgiveness when you miss it. That’s what David did. God was always there every time he repented.

Be a Doer of the Word

David would ask the prophet what to do. He listened to him and did as he said. As a result, he always experienced victory. Today we don’t need to ask a prophet. Because of Jesus, we have the Holy Spirit inside us. We can go to the Word of God and do as it says.

God of Breakthrough

David’s battle against the Philistines was not an isolated time where God moved powerfully. God broke through impossible physical barriers to give Abraham and Sarah a son. He broke through manmade obstacles to bring Joseph from the prison to the palace. God supernaturally delivered His people repeatedly—from the Egyptian army, the fiery furnace, the lion’s den.

The same God that broke through for David is the same God that breaks through for you.Kenneth W. Hagin

You can see breakthrough throughout the Bible! God rocked the jailhouse in Philippi, and Paul and Silas came out. Jesus reached down when Peter started to sink into the water, lifting him up and walking back to the boat together. When Gideon had to lead an army, God broke through for him and supernaturally conquered the Midianites with a handful of men.

Be glad for what you can do, but the breakthrough comes when you yield completely to the power of God. Stop trying to figure out how to get a breakthrough. Believe God. The Bible is your Heavenly Father talking to you. When He speaks, things move! They can’t stand in place. God’s Word in your mouth will break through barriers. It’s time to let the power of God bring you through, so rise and take hold of it!


Be Ready. Expect Breakthrough!

Breakthrough is not about your condition. It is about believing God. It doesn’t matter how many times you failed. Breakthrough is still available. Whether you’re at the bottom or on top, it’s God doing the breakthrough, not you.

(1) Repent quickly: “Lord, I made a mistake. Have mercy on me.”

(2) Believe and do: “The Bible says it. I believe it. That settles it. I’ll get out there and do it!”

(3) Expect breakthrough: “God, I’m trusting You to carry me through every situation.”

(4) Run forward: “I won’t hesitate. I won’t let circumstances hem me in. I run toward every limitation with the Word of God in my mouth!”

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  1. Needing major supernatural breakthroughs: finances, health, job, home, relationships with others

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