Staying Prepared

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The Apostle Paul told Timothy, his son in the faith, “Be ready in season and out of season”
(2 Tim. 4:2 NKJV). I thank God for seasons of refreshing. But times of refreshing are not something we dwell in continually. They are seasonal. We can’t just live for those times. We have to be prepared for other seasons too. I know in my own life that some of the greatest trials and tribulations I’ve had to face came right after times of great refreshing.

We may be progressing along in our daily routine, not being as sensitive as we should be to the Holy Spirit’s promptings. Then all of a sudden something happens—our situation changes—and we’re not prepared! So what do we do?

Some of us begin to scurry around, confessing the Word and grabbing hold of God’s promises, trying to make up for lost time. But how much better off we would be if we were already prepared for the change—if we were ready in season and out of season.

Maybe we were shouting the victory two weeks ago. But now the rent is due, the car is breaking down, there’s no food in the pantry, and our paycheck is already spent! Are we going to give in to despair? No! We need to get up, shake ourselves out of our despondency, and act as if the Word is true, because it is! The same God Who is with us in the good times will see us through every trial.

It’s easy to float along through life when we’re “in season”—when all our needs are met and everything is going fine. The real challenge is keeping the victory when our season changes!

As long as we live, seasons will come and go, but God and His Word will never change. So we just need to stay with Him and what He has said. Then we’ll be prepared in every season.



Kenneth W. Hagin


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