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SHORTLY AFTER the Sunday morning service on May 20, Kenneth and Lynette Hagin’s Bombardier jet lifted into a blue sky over Tulsa, Oklahoma. On the other side of the world, the Rhema family in Apia, Samoa, and Brisbane, Australia, awaited their arrival.

Samoans: A Blessed People

When the Hagins arrived at Rhema South Pacific, traditional Samoan dancers greeted them. The High Orator spoke these warm words: “We give God all the glory for you today that He has brought you here to the shores of Samoa. We say, ‘May God bless you all!’ ”

First on the schedule for Kenneth and Lynette Hagin was ministry at Rhema South Pacific. The students listened intently, jotting down notes as the Hagins taught from the Word of God. Rev. Hagin ministered on how the Name of Jesus breaks the power of the devil in the lives of men and women. Mrs. Hagin shared how God reveals His plans for their lives through prayer and communing with Him.

During the Friday evening service, 66 people came forward to receive healing, and 16 people accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. In between teaching Rhema South Pacific students during the day and holding public services at night, the Hagins enjoyed a fellowship dinner with third-year Rhema Vanuatu students.

Throughout the week, Kenneth and Lynette Hagin visited Rhema South Pacific graduates who are business owners and leaders in their nation. A common testimony from all of them was how attending Rhema and learning the Word changed their lives.

Doris is the owner of one of the largest supermarkets in Samoa. “God has so blessed our family,” she shared. “I want my children to go to [Rhema] too.” She and her family are currently building a larger grocery store that includes a gas station and a hair salon.

The Hagins also visited Dr. Rexona, the owner of a medical clinic, and her husband, who is a surgeon; Vui and Shorley who are owners of an engineering firm; and Alec and Jill, owners of a pizzeria.

Another alumnus is the Minister of Finance of Samoa. “We’re all called to different positions,” he testified. “I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the fact that I went to Rhema.”

After visiting with each of these alumni, the Hagins prayed for God’s continued blessings over their businesses and the nation of Samoa.

We give God all the glory for you today that He has brought you here to the shores of SAMOA.

A Sweet Time in Australia

Rhema Family Church—overseen by Tony and Patsy Cameneti—warmly welcomed Kenneth and Lynette Hagin on May 27.

During the Sunday morning service, Rev. Hagin shared about the blessings Jesus provided through His death, burial, and resurrection. He reminded the congregation of the rights and privileges they have in Christ and how faith accesses those blessings.

A healing service was held that night. After preaching a powerful message, the Hagins laid hands on the sick and ministered God’s healing power. As a result, many received their healings.

One woman woke up with a lump in her neck and couldn’t turn her head from side to side. She also had trouble with her knee and was unable to walk up the stairs. After hands were laid on her, the lump disappeared, and she could easily turn her head. And she demonstrated how she could walk up a flight of stairs without pain!

Another woman had so much pain on the bottom of her feet that she could barely walk. Hands were laid on her, and when she woke up the following morning, all of the pain was gone!

While in Brisbane, the Hagins spoke to Rhema Australia alumni. Kenneth and Lynette Hagin encouraged them in their faith and reminded them of God’s purpose and plan for their lives. After a time of prayer, the Hagins closed the session by laying hands on all the ministers.

What a time of refreshing it was for our Rhema family in the southern hemisphere!

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