Preparing Leaders to Reach the Next Generation

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Preparing Leaders to Reach the Next Generation

ARE YOU PASSIONATE about working with children or teens? Do you desire to reach young people with the Gospel and help them grow spiritually? One of the greatest evangelistic windows open today is among children and youth. Statistics show that the overwhelming majority of people who come to Christ do so before the age of 18.

Rhema School of Student Ministries (RSSM) equips people to lead the next generation in knowing God and making Him known to their world. The program is open to those who have completed first- and second-year studies at Rhema Bible Training College.

RSSM prepares students both practically and spiritually to serve the needs of infants through twelfth-graders. Students learn the latest trends in student ministries and then get to apply them. THEY LEARN HOW TO WRITE A CURRICULUM AND SERMONS AND HOW TO HANDLE KIDS IN CRISIS. They’re given fresh ideas and vision to help them build a successful children’s or youth program. The goal? Keep children and teens spiritually engaged in today’s culture.

Brianna Preston graduated this year from RSSM. She came to Rhema with the sole purpose of enrolling in RSSM in her third year. Brianna believes the program enabled her to fulfill her dream of becoming a children’s pastor.

The Student Ministries courses helped Brianna learn the practical side of ministry. But her studies also included courses focused on the spiritual side. “THESE CLASSES ENCOURAGED US SPIRITUALLY AMIDST ALL THE PRACTICAL CLASSES,” says Brianna.

Elementary Ministry was one of Brianna’s favorite classes. “The instructor laid down everything we’d need to know about running an elementary ministry. She made the class easy to translate into any future situation we might find ourselves in.”

During her time at Rhema, Brianna volunteered with the elementary kids. But she added, “It was helpful for me to explore the other age groups as part of our assignments.” One RSSM highlight for Brianna was a final assignment: prepare a sermon for elementary-aged kids. “The coolest part was being asked to preach that sermon the following week!”

Brianna encourages anyone who feels called to work with children and youth to enroll in Rhema School of Student Ministries. “I grew up a pastor’s kid with many years’ experience in the children’s department,” she says. “But the classes showed me additional aspects and ideas I never would have considered before.”

Josiah McAllan also graduated this year from Rhema School of Student Ministries. He had two reasons for enrolling in that program. First, it seemed right to him. And second, the Student Ministries staff consistently demonstrated excellence, faithfulness, boldness, and character.

Josiah believes the program’s practical and spiritual tools apply not only to student ministry but also to his day-to-day life. He considers RSSM to be more than just a program. “It’s a stepping stone for things ahead,” he says. “From being pushed to discover our vision for a potential future ministry, to learning lighting programs and creating stage design, WE WERE ALWAYS GIVEN OPPORTUNITIES TO GROW.”

One of the many things Josiah liked about RSSM is that the instructors stay on top of what children and youth need today through constant research. Students are creatively equipped to meet those needs with the Word and through God.

Josiah encourages anyone considering RSSM to “do it!” He says, “Rhema School of Student Ministries is a prime example of God outdoing Himself in a class full of teachers who love their students, love God’s voice, and love His Word.”

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