Never Too Young to Know God

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with Denise Hagin Burns

My dad, Kenneth W. Hagin, has a saying. "Putting the natural and the supernatural together makes an explosive force for God." I took what I learned in college and combined it with spiritual principles to make an explosive force for children!

I believe children's ministry is more than teaching Bible characters and selected topics. It's about incorporating God into every aspect of a child's life. The spiritual foundation comes first. But it is equally important to help kids develop socially, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

For example, the Bible talks about being a good friend and loving your neighbor. It says we have the mind of Christ. I want kids to remember that when they're in school. So if they need help, they can ask God for wisdom. It's our responsibility as parents to teach our kids how to experience God 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We also need to teach kids about prayer, faith, healing, and the Holy Spirit on a level they can grasp. They are not too young to be taught how to minister to others. Children have incredible faith, and they don't doubt God's Word.

The most important ministry your child will receive is at home. Parents are the best teachers and examples of the Word. God must be a priority in your home. Have devotional time with your kids. Let them see you praying and reading the Word. Bring the family together to pray about different situations, and ask your kids to do the praying! It will build their faith and confidence.

Children need parents and other positive influences to teach them how to use their faith for God's glory! They can know and serve God right now—no matter how young they may be!


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2 Comments on “Never Too Young to Know God”

  1. Children are receptive to learn to move in the supernatural and to operate in prophesy, healing and helps. It is amazing what children can view in the spirit and can begin to discover treasures in others as they prophesy over them.

  2. Whoa! Great stuff!!! If only the liberals could get a grasp of just an inkling of the truth declared here! It would change their life. It would, in fact, change America!
    It’s too bad that their parents didn’t teach them out of the Bible. The problem is that their parents parents didn’t teach THEM. The less that is taught, the worse society, in general, gets.
    In liberal enclaves like New York, college kids question God, and probably have no knowledge at all of even the most prominent biblical charicters. Their ignorance, and the usually vile and even violent resulting behaviour, is typical of the darkness that surrounds them. When Gods judgement comes, they are dumbstruck by the idea that sin, in general, has dire consequences.
    But, instead of stressing strict moral behaviour and sound doctrinal (biblical) teaching, contemporary parents let their kids be brainwashed by the system in school, in violent video games, and in R and even X-rated videos. So it’s no wonder each generation of kids gets exponentially worse, and feel like society, or “the rich”, owe them a living.
    But I believe, thank God, revival is approaching soon.

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