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CAMPMEETING 2016 was packed with energizing praise and uplifting preaching. Each message built upon the last. Everyone attending and the thousands who watched online were shown how to live victoriously in the last days. At Summer Blitz for youth, revival fire was kindled in the hearts of young people. And God moved mightily in the Rhema Kids Campmeeting services. Children's lives were transformed as they heard the Word in fun and engaging ways. From youngest to oldest, people were strengthened, encouraged, and uplifted.

Here's a sample of what Campmeeting 2016 speakers said.


Kenneth W. Hagin

Always Speak the Word
"First Peter 1:25 (NKJV) says, 'The word of the Lord endures forever.' Peter was saying that THE SAME GOD WHO PERFORMED HIS WORD FOR ISRAEL WILL ALSO PERFORM IT FOR YOU! Scripture is God speaking. The Word of God enables you to be victorious over every enemy that comes your direction. It will give you mastery over every adverse circumstance and situation you encounter. His Word will help you stand in the winner's circle with God. THE WORD OF THE LORD THAT YOU SPEAK WILL CAUSE THINGS TO HAPPEN IN YOUR LIFE. IT WILL EQUIP YOU TO TRIUMPH OVER THE DEVIL EVERY TIME! The words from the Bible can't stay on the pages. They must proceed out of your mouth. You need to meditate on God's Word daily and speak it every day. It has to get in your heart and become a part of you." 


Craig W. Hagin

"In today's climate, I see a lot of Christians who are fearful. You can't be in faith and fear at the same time. Second Timothy 1:7 says that fear does not come from God. If you're fearful about something, that's not from God. You're actually allowing the devil to have control over this area in your life. Second Timothy 1:7 also says that GOD HAS GIVEN YOU POWER—POWER TO OVERCOME, POWER TO MOVE FORWARD."


Steve Houpe

"If God said something to you, He is going to bring it to pass. He is not a man that He shall lie, or the son of man that He shall repent. If God told you something and if you stay committed to it, though it tarries, it shall surely come to pass."


Charles Cowan

"We build our faith muscles the more we read, meditate on, speak, and do God's Word. We have to stay in the gym with our faith. If we quit reading, thinking on, and speaking the Word, our faith will grow weaker."


David Shearin

"We are all eating the consequence of our words. Our words determine the outcome of our lives, and our future is determined by the words we speak today. So if we want to change our future, we have to change what we say."


Earl Glisson

"There are kingdom principles we need to tap into and understand. That means there are ways that all this stuff functions within God's Kingdom. Our faith can work every time when we understand Kingdom principles."


Darrell Huffman

"We are in a war. Everything going on right now is to affect what we think and what we believe, so it can govern our lives. But God has given us spiritual weapons to pull down every contrary thought and argument that comes against our minds."


Mark Hankins

"There is victory in your voice! If you can move your mouth, you can move your mountain. Don't let that mountain stay there another month or year! It has to move! Lift up your voice! Something is on the other side of that mountain." 

Summer Blitz, 2016: Revival

Young Hearts Set Afire at Summer Blitz


Summer Blitz 2016 was about touching youth with God's power and changing them through His Word. As the week began, it was clear their hearts were eager for Him. And the speakers responded with messages on drawing closer to God, avoiding complacency, and living wholeheartedly for Christ in today's world.

God ministered powerfully to the students each night. They enjoyed energy-packed and intimate worship, received direction on His plans for them, and were reminded that they are more than conquerors through Christ. A number of young people were freed from mental bondage. Ministers laid hands upon many students and encouraged them.

The young people left inspired and changed, urged to be beacons of God's light to their world, pointing others to Christ. It was a life-changing week!


Annie Dixon

"I don't care who you are or where you're at—God has exploits for you to do. He wants you to step out in faith with Him. He sees you as instruments for Him. He sees you as vessels of His glory."


D.K. Hall

"The people in your school who have not made Jesus the Lord of their lives have a veil over their face. When you show them the love of God, you are removing the veil from their face."


Emily Hall

"This is your moment to let your light shine and spread some fire. It's your choice. Are you going to keep the fire to yourself or spread it? Be the light. Pass the flame. God has made it easy to share His love." 


Ryan Leak

"The day you get over what people think about you is the day you find yourself in the midst of a miracle and see your faith at an all-time high. You'll do things you've never done before in your life. And that is revival!" 


Matt McCarty

"Your faith needs to be your own. It can't be Mom's or Dad's. It has to be yours. What do I mean by that? You can't live on stories they've told. You have to have faith adventures of your own. You have to experience faith for yourself."


Mia McCarty

"It doesn't take courage to live like everyone else. That's the easy route. It takes bravery to say no. That's hard to do. Sometimes when you're brave for the Lord, it looks different to your friends. Don't think that you're being a coward by saying no."



"Some of y'all in here—the devil told you that you were disqualified and that the Lord would never use you. Butthe Lord said the blood of Jesus has qualified you! His blood has made you worthy."


Julia Post

"You need the fire of God in your generation. You also need the staying power to keep it. A match is great, but it goes out quickly. But if you make a bonfire, it will stay lit as long as you keep it fed."


Rob Post

"What are some goals to have a healthy relationship with your friends? We want to choose friends that are loyal, that love at all times, that agree with us in prayer, and that choose to do the right thing."


Angie Shearin

"We need excitement, but what we need more is power. It's good to be excited about the things of God. But how much greater is it to lay hands on someone who is sick and they leave changed and different than when they came in!"


Matt Shearin

"Most people get in a tough situation and they give up. But the God that we serve will make us victorious, right in the middle of what we are facing. We will come out not even smelling like smoke!"

Rhema Kids Campmeeting

A Sweet, Crunchy Gospel


How do you help kids know that Jesus loves them? One way is through breakfast cereal. An out-of-the-box approach? Definitely. But when it works, the box doesn't matter!

This year's Rhema Kids Campmeeting theme was "Cereal." In every service, morning and night, the youngsters looked at a different kid-loved cereal and what it could teach them about Jesus and growing closer to Him. The 11 cereals featured included Rice Krispies, famous for its "snap, crackle, and pop" when you pour on the milk. The faith lesson? When Jesus does something good in our lives, we make noise and tell others about it. From Wheaties, kids learned that serving others is what it takes to be great in God's Kingdom and get your picture on the box. And just as Cocoa Pebbles transforms milk into chocolate milk, knowing Jesus as Savior transforms our lives.

The kids enjoyed powerful praise, worship, and ministry times. Many received Jesus as Savior and were baptized in the Holy Spirit, and many were healed. Everyone joined in exciting games and activities, competing daily for the Golden Cereal Bowl trophy. For the children, Rhema Kids Campmeeting 2016 proved to be a crunchy, crispy, and sweet experience with God.

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