Concert Review: Jesus Culture Inspires Believers to Love

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“Believer, change your family, your marriage, your school, and your city with God’s love.” That was the from-the-heart message that the Jesus Culture band shared during their March 20 concert at Rhema Bible Church in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. During the Christian group’s night of worship and preaching, hundreds filled the auditorium to sing about God’s unfailing love, mercy, and goodness. Many encountered God’s presence and had their hearts touched by His love.

It was Jesus Culture’s ninth stop in 13 days on their 10-city tour and their first time in Broken Arrow. Singer Chris Quilala opened the night with Awaken Me, a song inviting God to touch cities and fill His people with His glory. “A new day dawning; You are shining like the sun arising. You awaken me, You awaken me,” Chris sang, as blue-and-white stage lights lit up the auditorium and the crowd sang along passionately. God was awakening their hearts.

Then came a powerful upbeat ballad, Your Love Never Fails. Kids’ and adults’ voices sang in unison throughout the auditorium, “You stay the same through the ages; Your love never changes. There maybe pain in the night, but joy comes in the morning.” Through the song those present were reminded they don’t have to fear when challenges come, for it is God’s love for them that works all things together for their good.

Then Jesus Culture introduced their newest band member, Justin Jarvis. “The Word says He inhabits the praises of His people,” said Justin. “We want to lift a high praise to Him.” Then Justin led the crowd into deeper worship as he sang Here We Are, a song of God being exalted in their lives and setting their hearts on fire for Him. Justin continued with three more worship songs.

During the song Burning Ones, Chris Quilala asked the crowd to grab hands with three people and pray for one another. Believers prayed for each other that they would impact their families, communities, schools, government, and cities for God. Lead singers Chris and Justin took turns leading the crowd into worship before Tour Pastor Scott Thompson delivered a heart-stirring message. He challenged those in the crowd to take their places as the Church and show God’s love in their city.

Scott shared that Jesus Culture wanted to inspire believers to love their city into the Kingdom of God. The group’s message was simple: it’s the love of God demonstrated every day that will win others to the Lord. The night of worship closed with Chris Quilala once again singing Your Love Never Fails, reminding all present that it’s God’s unfailing love that will change lives.

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