Campmeeting 2015: God at Work

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Campmeeting 2015 was characterized by energizing praise and worship, encouraging preaching, and extraordinary encounters with God.

Powerful speakers reminded the Campmeeting congregation that when we hope in God, we will never be disappointed. We need to judge Him faithful, study His Word, and value what He says. When rough times come, we should ask Him for help before we hit bottom. We can ask Him to help us see trouble as He does. That new perspective opens us up for victory.

The crowd was reminded that it’s God’s job, not ours, to bring His Word to pass. And Christians should expect to live supernatural lives and routinely see miracles. The congregation experienced some of those as people were healed.

They also were encouraged to praise God. Just as the children of Israel praised the walls of Jericho down, when we worship and praise, God shows up.

Those present at Campmeeting had a great time meeting people from all over the world, worshiping God together, sharing laughter, and experiencing God’s healing, energizing power.

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