Women’s Conference: Letting Go of Every Weight

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Kindle the Flame  was nothing short of life-changing.

Over 1,300 women gathered on the Rhema Campus to experience intimate praise and worship, uplifting messages, and powerful ministry.

Lynette Hagin started the conference with an unforgettable illustration of balloons tied around each woman’s wrist. She instructed the ladies to let go of weights that were holding them down. Every woman wrote on their balloon things in their lives that needed to be let go. At the end, as they praised God, they released their balloons together.

Denise Hagin Burns encouraged the ladies that in the storms of life, they can trust Jesus to be their calm and get them to the other side. Patsy Cameneti shared the importance of reading the Epistles and letting Jesus be our sanctifier. Lynette Estrada challenged the ladies to let their lives be a living testimony, bearing the fruit of the Spirit.

The Conference ended with great spiritual insights from Lynette Hagin as well as a divine time of Candlelight, Prayer, and Communion.

Kindle the Flame 2018 is coming September 27-29. You can keep up with us on our Kindle the Flame Facebook page.

Speaker Highlights:

“Let go of your plans for your life and commit to God’s plans.” –Lynette Hagin

“You can shout your way through the storm, because He’s taking you to the other side!” –Denise Hagin Burns

“As surely as He is our righteousness, as surely as He is our wisdom, He is surely our sanctifier.” –Patsy Cameneti

“God is expecting us to bear fruit. He wants to make us a sign and a wonder.” –Lynette Estrada

“It’s a season of stretching. Embrace the stretching time!” –Lynette Hagin, Candlelight, Prayer, & Praise Service

Check in soon for details of next year's conference by visiting rhema.org/ktf.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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