When Life Gets Interrupted

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Life’s interruptions happen when things don’t go the way we had planned. Misfortune can either make or break us. We can learn from our experiences or become resentful and close ourselves off to what God has for us.

For example, in the Old Testament, Joseph’s life was disrupted by several experiences that could have left him bitter and resentful. His brothers sold him into slavery, Potipher’s wife lied about him, he was thrown into prison, and the cupbearer forgot about him. Joseph had every opportunity to lose faith, not only in people but also in his dreams! At each setback, he had a choice to make. But instead of letting trouble break him, he allowed the circumstances to make him into the man God needed him to become.

Our success or failure depends on how we handle adversity. We can become disillusioned or let the experiences mold us into the people God needs us to be. That way His work on the earth is accomplished. Rather than complaining, let’s allow God to teach us in every situation. We will then grow spiritually and profit from our struggles. Hardship can prepare us for greater service to God if we let it.

When life doesn’t go exactly as we think it should, instead of becoming negative and discouraged, we should look for the light of God at the end of the tunnel. The Lord turned every interruption in Joseph’s life into a benefit. That only happened because he trusted in God and did not allow his heart to become hardened. He depended on God and refused to let any setback keep him down! The Lord could then bring Joseph to a place of great prominence and success.

Any time you are confronted with life’s interruptions, stay in faith and declare, “My situation may be impossible with man, but it is possible with God” (Luke 18:27). Then allow your Heavenly Father to turn around the seemingly impossible circumstances to your good and His glory!



Kenneth W. Hagin


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