Remain Thankful on Thanksgiving

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Lynette HaginThe best Thanksgiving season is filled with words of encouragement, words of thankfulness, and words of kindness.This month, the … Read More

A Lifestyle of Thanksgiving: 5 Ways to Express Thanks

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Kenneth W. HaginIt’s great to live in a nation that has an official day for giving thanks. But the act … Read More

Giving Thanks Is Powerful!

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Throughout the United States this month, Thanksgiving is observed. Typically, family and friends gather and turkey dinners abound. Football games … Read More

Being Grateful

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LIFE CAN GET rough at times. At the end of a bad day or even a bad week, you might … Read More

Be Thankful

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FALL IS A BEAUTIFUL TIME in Oklahoma. The leaves are turning and my thoughts drift to Thanksgiving. So often we seem … Read More