Reaching for the New

Gilson LacerdaJanuary 2024 WOF, WOF Current IssueLeave a Comment

All of us face the new year with new possibilities and opportunities. You may not have realized it, but we … Read More

A Winning Approach to the New Year

Rhema TeamJanuary 2020 WOFLeave a Comment

With the new year comes fresh opportunities to pursue your God-given dreams and destiny. It’s essential to grow in your … Read More

New Year, New Life

Rhema TeamSuccessful Living3 Comments

Lynette HaginEmbarking upon a new year means having the opportunity to start the year with a clean slate. Regardless of … Read More

Don’t Have a Crummy Year!

Rhema TeamJanuary 2019 WOF1 Comment

Don’t Have a Crummy Year! A new year can bring new beginnings. But when the calendar changes, sometimes nothing much … Read More