Purpose and Power

Rhema TeamMay 2023 WOFLeave a Comment

JESUS BEGAN HIS ministry by preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom and demonstrating the power of the Kingdom. He then … Read More

You Were Meant to Operate Like God

Rhema TeamApril 2023 WOF, Speaker HighlightLeave a Comment

IF YOU’VE EVER heard someone say, “That’s my MO,” they’re referring to the Latin term modus operandi, which means “way … Read More

Standing in the Gap

Rhema TeamAugust 2022 WOF, CovenantLeave a Comment

TODAY—NO MATTER what part of the world you may be in—you need to remember the Word. Whatever you are going … Read More

Called to Serve

Rhema TeamOctober/November 2017 WOFLeave a Comment

WHILE WATCHING Winter Bible Seminar 2016 via livestream at her church in Iowa, Tiffany Wuertzer heard someone say, “Once Rhema family, always … Read More

Live the Love

Rhema TeamFebruary/March 2017 WOFLeave a Comment

SOME MARRIAGES are in desperate situations. No matter what a couple is going through, God can make any mess beautiful. My … Read More