Rhema’s Worldwide Growth

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Tramp, Tramp Tramp, What is that sound?

WHAT IS THAT sound I hear? It’s the sound of many feet. It’s the sound of beautiful feet. It’s the sound of feet going forth with the Good News!*

In May of 1950, the Lord gave Kenneth E. Hagin a mandate to “go teach My people faith.” He immediately began holding faith seminars across the United States. On many occasions after ministering, he cried out to God, “The world must hear this message. . . . How can we get it out?”

The “how” became clear in 1973 when Rev. Hagin held his first Campmeeting. “We’re going to start a Bible school,” he said under the unction of the Holy Spirit. Who would have thought that what began with 58 students would grow to encompass more than 115,000 graduates and 290 campuses worldwide!

Who are these that make this sound of tramp, tramp, tramp as they come—as they go tramping along? . . . Yea, they are those chosen of the Lord, called of God, equipped by His Spirit. Yea, they are those who have been loosed from the bondage of the enemy and sent forth to set men free.

Since the early 1980s, prayer meetings and prayer groups on the Rhema USA campus have prayed for the harvest. Over the years, we have seen those prayers being answered. The fall of the Berlin Wall in Germany and the collapse of communism in the former Soviet Union have resulted from prayer. As these prayers have continued, we have seen more doors open to the Gospel.

Where are they going? They’re going unto the uttermost parts of the earth. They’re going where an empty hand is reaching out for help. They’re going where the hungry cry—hungry for the bread of this life and hungry for the true Bread of Life. . . . They’re going around the world to tell the story, to proclaim the message, to do the work that God called them to do.

Every Christian plays a part in spreading the light of the Gospel in this dark and dying world. Some are called to go; others are called to send. Whichever we do, we all share in the reward of souls won for God’s Kingdom (1 Sam. 30:24 NIV). When we all work together, the job gets done. The need is great, for there are many souls to be won. More men and women—young and old alike—need to be trained so they can go to every corner of the earth.

* The paragraphs in italics are from a prophetic utterance given by Kenneth E. Hagin at the 1979 RBTC graduation.


Fast Facts

116,381 Worldwide Rhema graduates

290 Campus in 56 Nations

3,476 Churchs (U.S. & International) pastored by Rhema graduates


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