Rhema Brazil Opens Campus Inside a Prison

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In 2013, God put it on Guto Emery’s heart to start a Rhema Brazil campus inside the prisons in Brazil. At that time, Guto worked closely with Bud and Jan Wright, founding directors of Rhema Brazil. After Bud went home to be with the Lord November 2013, Guto became the director of Rhema Brazil.

Opening a Bible school in a prison seemed like an impossible task, and Guto wondered how it could ever happen. He shared his vision with his mentor, Bud Wright, who told him that he would need to speak with the Hagins. Bud then added, “If it’s from God, it will happen.”

After Guto received approval from Rhema USA, he went to the authorities in Brazil and received permission to start classes in a women’s prison.

Brazilian jails are harsh environments. Before Guto could even start teaching, improvements to the classroom had to be made. Rhema Brazil also provided each woman who enrolled in school with a school uniform.

After completing their studies and on the day of the graduation ceremony, Guto’s wife and a team of helpers styled all of the women’s hair and applied their make-up as a way to bless them.

Amazingly, the inmates were allowed to go outside of the prison to participate in the graduation ceremony. Leaving a prison before serving your time is not a normal procedure. But a judge gave the authorization and the women left in handcuffs. Although they were physically bound, they were spiritually free.

Prison officials saw such a transformation in the women’s lives that a manager at a men’s jail asked Guto to open a campus at his prison.

“The message of faith started a revolution in Brazil,”
—Guto Emery, director of Rhema Brazil

“The message of faith started a revolution in Brazil,” says Guto. And what was started there many years ago continues to grow. Not only are Brazilians impacted, but Rhema Brazil graduates are also going out and impacting nations around the world.

Thank you Rhema Word Partners and friends.

You are a big part of how men and women are trained to take the message of faith to the dark places in the world. Because of your faithful support and generosity, incarcerated Brazilians are experiencing real freedom in Christ!

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5 Comments on “Rhema Brazil Opens Campus Inside a Prison”

  1. I would like to receive the Word of Faith magazine that is published quarterly.
    Thank you.

    PS I used to receive this magazine in the 80s and 90s.
    I am listening to the Kenneth E Hagin archives EVERY DAY on my I-phone. I can’t get enough of Dr. Hagin’s simplistic teaching on faith. Nobody to this day does it quite like him.

    Jean Gaetz

    1. Hello Jean!

      We’re glad you’re enjoying the teachings! Partner Service will be happy to put you on The Word of Faith mailing list. Would you please send your name and address to [email protected]?

      Blessings in Christ,
      The Rhema Team

  2. I have worked in a women’s prison here in Oklahoma for the last 20 years. We have constructed a chapel which is just a small church inside our prison and we are seeing God transform many lives through the teaching of His Word!!! We are seeing women change every day. To God be the glory great things He has done!!! i started working with the prison ministry after my 3rd brain surgery. God knows why all things happen. I didn’t understand at the time, but now I see He wanted me to change directions in my life & I’m glad I did!
    In Christ’s Love,
    Delena Blackwood
    Moore, Oklahoma

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