Quality Pays

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Excellence means something of valuable quality. That's the kind of people we should be.

Have you ever bought anything advertised as being "just like the original"? It's supposed to be like the original but a lot cheaper. You go ahead and buy the cheaper brand instead of the name brand, thinking you're getting a good deal! There's truth in the saying, "You get what you pay for." Have you ever noticed that cheap merchandise doesn't hold up very long?

In a similar way, Christians should not be individuals of inferior quality. Jesus paid a great price for us. We're to be people of excellence. Excellence will hold up when the goings gets tough. With excellence in our lives, no matter the circumstances or challenges that come against us, we'll stand strong in faith—we'll hold up!

When we have this quality operating in our lives, we will see our faith strengthened like never before. We won't be weak and timid, but bold and courageous.

How do we add excellence to our lives? By motivating ourselves with the Word of God. This is what fortifies our inner man. Speaking the Word against the enemy and resisting him. We withstand him by the truth of God's Word. This helps us walk in victory.

As we grow in excellence, we will be people of integrity. We will accomplish great things for God's glory and honor on this earth. We will shine brighter for Christ. We'll be strong and be immovable and bold in midst of any adversity the devil brings.

I encourage you to dive into this month's issue of The Word of Faith. Feed your spirit on the spiritual truths found in each article. We want to help you reach your fullest potential in Christ!



Kenneth W. Hagin

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