Preparing for Purpose

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GOD'S PLAN for you is an adventure! Wherever you are on the path, it's exciting to discover your purpose, develop it, and dive into the journey. Are you prepared? That's where Rhema Bible Training College can help.

In two years, Rhema helps you establish a strong, thriving foundation that you can take into your church, community, career, and relationships. But did you know that you can continue and explore specialty programs? The third year and beyond are deeper dives into specific areas so you can be ready for whatever God calls you to do!

"Going to Rhema has been, and will continue to be, ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS I HAVE EVER MADE." —JIM

Biblical Studies

God's Word is living and powerful! Whether you're a new believer or have been saved for years, every class will have you digging into the Bible like never before.

"The knowledge I've gained from Rhema School of Biblical Studies is IMMEASURABLE, and it has given me MORE CONFIDENCE IN DOING GOD'S WORK." —RON

Helps Ministry

"Helps" is a real ministry! These classes help you learn both the skills and spiritual practices to successfully serve, no matter what you're called upon to do in the local church.

"You get a LITTLE BIT OF EVERYTHING IN THIS PROGRAM. It gave me a lot of insight into what it would be like to start a church, run it, and do all areas of ministry." —THOMAS

Itinerant Ministry

Feeling called to travel? Practical skills are packed into this program (legal, business, raising funds, and so forth) along with spiritual preparation.

"This program allowed me to UNDERSTAND WHAT I MUST HAVE IN PLACE TO START A MINISTRY AND KEEP IT RUNNING. I now have the tools I need to effectively win souls for the kingdom. I have also GROWN IN THE THINGS OF GOD and developed a deeper relationship with Him." —SAI


Pastoral Ministry

Yes, you can be fully prepared to face the challenges of pastoring in the 21st century! The hands-on ministry experience at Rhema gives you a distinct edge as you step out in God's plan.

"It's the most amazing experience, developing and preparing for the call of the Lord in my life. It's PRACTICAL AND TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE—years of preparation—compiled in the teachings of the instructors." —RICARDO

Student Ministries

If your heart beats for the younger generation (newborn–12th grade), you can find your place as a leader and be equipped to minister with fresh ideas and vision. From writing curriculum to handling crises, you'll be prepared.

"This program covered everything from how to manage my time and stay motivated to planning events, counseling young people, and recognizing unhealthy behaviors. It was SO WELL-ROUNDED AND PRACTICAL. I felt like I had several years of wisdom and experience under my belt after graduating." —LISA


Are you at home on stage leading others in worship (or want to be)? You'll draw from rich resources in these classes—musical, technical, and organizational skills along with spiritual development and flowing with the Holy Spirit!

"THIS SCHOOL IS A WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE. They have helped develop my skills as a musician and singer. I feel very confident that I can go back to my home church and successfully lead the worship team." —JOSH

World Missions

How do you train for the mission field? Rhema goes beyond classrooms to experiences like cultural immersion, survival skills, and an internship with missionaries on the foreign field.

"Rhema School of World Missions has been an experience like no other. EACH DAY IS A SURPRISE AND THAT ADDS TO THE ANTICIPATION OF THE ENTIRE YEAR. The training I have received has been life-changing and eye-opening." —SAM


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