Miracles for Today

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Christmas started with the greatest miracle of all time—God’s Son being born in human form. Our Heavenly Father lined up one supernatural event after another, so Jesus came to the earth at the right time. Only God could arrange all the prophetic utterances, signs, and wonders to come together for the birth of Christ.

The prophecies of the Old Testament.

The miracle birth of John the Baptist.

The virgin birth of Jesus.

Angelic appearances.

Guidance from a star.

Heavenly dreams.

Every moment was a part of the miracle alignment so Jesus could come and fulfill His destiny. No man could have done this! God orchestrated a plan all the way from the Garden of Eden, down through the ages, and into our lives. The birth of Jesus is nothing short of miraculous—and so is our New Birth in Him.

Jesus came for the foreigner, the outcast, the despised, the rejected, the imperfect, the sick, the broken, the weak, the weary, the depressed, the needy, and the criminal. He came for the sinner. He will not reject or despise anyone who turns to Him but freely offers His grace and forgiveness to anyone who believes and accepts it.

Through the message of Christmas, we see the miraculous. God reached down to humanity to grab their hand through the birth of Jesus Christ. He became the sacrifice for sin so we could reach up and grab the hand of God and walk through life born again by the power of God.

Just as the Heavenly Father mapped out supernatural events for Jesus, He orchestrates supernatural events to bring about the ultimate plan for our lives today. We need to embrace the idea that God still moves today and continues to communicate in visions, dreams, and our personal prayer life. He is the same miracle-working God! I encourage you to expect Him to move in your life—especially during this holiday season!



Kenneth W. Hagin

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