Look What the Lord Has Done!

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Word Of Faith - Look What The Lord Has Done

THERE’S NO DOUBT that God hears us when we pray. Here are some testimonies of answered prayer!

“Here is an update on the PRAYER REQUESTS we’ve sent on behalf of my wife, Darcy, who was diagnosed with lymphoma. After being in the hospital twice, rehab for four weeks, and five rounds of chemo, she is now cancer free. To God be the glory! We wanted to thank each of you who prayed for her the many times I called! We are so very grateful to you all.” // DON

Our son and his whole team came home safe from Afghanistan. This is the first time in a long while that everyone was safe. Thank you all for your prayers. We are so appreciative and grateful for your letters of SCRIPTURES and ENCOURAGEMENT.” // JIM & COLLEEN

“A trip to the doctor revealed that I had a popcorn-sized nodule on my vocal cords. The doctor was amazed that I could speak, much less preach every week. He wanted to do surgery in two days, but I decided to believe God for my healing. I came to CAMPMEETING during a two-week vocal rest. I heard about speaking words of faith to see God’s promise of healing come to pass in your life. I thought, ‘How can I do that when I’m not able to talk?’ I asked the woman who was leading in sign language how to sign, ‘My voice is healed in Jesus’ Name.’ I signed my way into healing!” // STEVE

“I watched the DVD Gathering Up the Spoil and sang the song at the end. I’m guessing that’s how my blessings came about. When my old computer had a meltdown, I prayed for God to repair it. I was totally surprised when someone bought me a brand-new computer and printer, plus a new updated professional writing program. And that’s not all! They also bought me a brand-new refrigerator and filled it full of food. And that’s not all! I was given socks, sunglasses, and an array of beauty products too. I didn’t even ask for these things. I am very grateful!” // CINDY

“I asked for PRAYER for my liver after they saw a cyst. After prayer, it was clear. No cyst! Thank you!” // ELISABETH

“I asked for PRAYER regarding my sales numbers. We had a great month of sales and are among the best stores in the district and region.” // JOEL

“We deeply thank you for your dedicated PRAYERS for our son, Kirk. Serious reconstructive bowel surgery was successful beyond measure. The doctors were stunned at his unprecedented, rapid recovery. He was back at work in a week to a healthier work environment and a boss who showed amazing compassion. Thank you, Rhema.” // MARY

“Thank you for your PRAYERS. After three years of being homeless, I have a three-bedroom apartment for me and my kids.” // ROSA

“I asked you guys to PRAY for me to have favor with the IRS. You prayed and favor was granted! The problem got solved within a week, which allowed me to get a refund!” // GARY

“Last month I asked for PRAYER for my niece who was laid off and needed a job and an affordable apartment. Within a week of mailing the request, she got a better job and found an apartment at a better price than she was looking for. Thank you for lifting her up in prayer during that trying time. She now has her own experience of the love and provision of our amazing God!” // EVELYN


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