It’s Going to Be Okay

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When I was a teenager and someone complained about something, we often said to them, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

I understand life can sometimes reach a point where it’s overwhelming—like one burden after another. If you listen to the news or look around, there is plenty to get upset about. We often fail to realize that the hardships we face are like mirages. That’s because everything is subject to change!

I’m not trying to belittle what you may be facing. But sometimes in the middle of a trial, we forget how small our problems are compared to how big God is. Life is full of troubles that can make you break out in a sweat if you focus on them.

When you look at your circumstances, you may become discouraged. If you look at yourself, you may become disappointed. If you look at others, you may get disillusioned. But if you look to God, you will be delivered!

Even in the worst-case scenario, God still removes your burdens and blesses you. If you have a problem, He has a promise! In a time of crisis, God cares! When you’re hurting, God is healing. When you’re anxious, He will give you assurance. In times of lack, your Heavenly Father will provide. When you’re disappointed, He reminds you of your destiny! Even in times of death, the Lord will deliver you into His presence.

I don’t care how loud the enemy screams in your ear, “It’s not going to happen this time.” Hold on to your confidence in God, put your trust in His Word, and you will come out victorious every time.

So instead of fretting, focus on the Lord’s faithfulness. Instead of pondering your problems, press into His promises. And instead of wallowing in worry, worship your wonderful Deliverer.

Remember, God is greater than any problem you will ever face. Compared to what He can and will do, everything else is small. So don’t sweat it!



Kenneth W. Hagin

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2 Comments on “It’s Going to Be Okay”

  1. hi and praise our Lord. my haerts desire is to be indwelt by Gods word for HIs glory only. only wish to be accessed and grown spiritually with the rhema word. may the lord and his Grace overwhelm the Ministry. thanks for being there for us.

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