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The Foundation for Healing

That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Esaias the prophet, saying, Himself took our infirmities, and bare our sicknesses. — MATTHEW 8:17

Our faith is not founded on what man says, but on what God says. In Isaiah 53:4 and 5, Matthew 8:17, and First Peter 2:24, God says that it is His will that we be well. So don’t question that healing is the will of God!

I’ve found again and again in my dealings with people that the majority of people are hung up on this issue of whether or not it’s God’s will to heal them. Even though they’re seeking healing and want to be healed, they’re not really sure if it’s God’s will. Something lurks in the back of their minds that was probably put there by religious teaching. Even though they may have seen others receive healing, they still aren’t sure that healing is for them.

And, of course, the devil will do his best to talk them out of healing. If he can get them to listen to him, he can rob them of the blessings of God. From my experience of more than sixty-five years of dealing with people, I found that this is one of the main points that needs to be made with people. They must understand that healing is God’s will.

I’ve seen it again and again. As soon as people start believing that it’s God’s will to heal them, they are released from wrong thinking, and in just a little while, they are healed. Until then, all the prayers and laying on of hands seem to be in vain. The biggest part of the battle is won when people start believing that it is the will of God that they be well.

Confession: It is not God’s will that I be sick. It is God’s will that I be well and whole.

Source: Health Food Devotions by Kenneth E. Hagin. Excerpt permission granted by Faith Library Publications. Copyright © 2002, 2007 Rhema Bible Church aka Kenneth Hagin Ministries, Inc. All rights reserved.

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