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“Don’t Become Off ended “

And herein do I exercise myself, to have always a conscience void of offence toward God, and toward men. — ACTS 24:16

A number of years ago, a mother and her sick little boy came to our Campmeeting. They stood in the healing line. Before I ever got to them, I got tired and turned the ministering to the sick over to others. Well, the mother almost missed it. She got mad and thought, He doesn’t care anything about us.

People forget that I’m human. I’m still living inside a physical, mortal body. I get tired, just as anyone else does. And when a person gets tired, he can’t yield to the Spirit of God like he can when he’s rested. The devil told her, “He doesn’t care.” And she almost missed it.

I turned the healing line over to some RHEMA students who’d been working with me in Healing School. We found out later that the devil told the mother,“ Now this young man’s going to say that your boy is demon-possessed. He’s going to make a scene right here in front of everyone.” She became even more angry and offended.

This RHEMA student gently talked to the mother and boy. He didn’t deal with any devil or demon at all. In fact, he told her that it wasn’t a demon causing the boy’s problem. He laid his hands on the boy and prayed, and the child was healed.

In the process of time, the doctors said that the boy was normal. They couldn’t understand it. Before, they said he would never be normal—that he would never be right a day in his life. But they finally had to admit that he was normal.

I’m glad this woman didn’t give place to the devil and his lies. It would have hindered the healing power in her son’s life.

Confession: I always exercise myself to have a conscience void of offense toward God and man. As a result, I keep myself open to the healing power of God.

Source: Health Food Devotions by Kenneth E. Hagin. Excerpt permission granted by Faith Library Publications. Copyright © 2002, 2007 Rhema Bible Church aka Kenneth Hagin Ministries, Inc. All rights reserved.

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