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Psalm 138:8 (NKJV) declares, “The Lord will perfect that which concerns me.” When God starts something in us, He doesn’t stop halfway. He is faithful to work out His plan for our lives. And if He did it once, He’ll do it again.

God is not a one-time God—He’s an every-time God. Some people may get only a one-time blessing, but they could be blessed every day! The reason they get blessed only once is, that’s all they were expecting. We get what we expect.

We get what we expect.Kenneth W. Hagin

You see, once God gets started, He keeps going—day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year. He doesn’t get tired or have bad moods or bad days. In fact, Scripture says that He doesn’t sleep or slumber (Ps. 121:4). He doesn’t work 9 to 5, 3 to 11, or 11 to 7. No, our Heavenly Father is a 24/7/365, always-on-duty God!

I know some people may say, “God has given up on you.” A more accurate statement is that God never gives up on anybody, but a lot of people have given up on God. They’ve quit expecting.

The question is not whether God will extend His hand of grace. The question is whether we will reach up and grab that hand. God is a can-do God and a can-do-it-again God. We can expect Him to work in us continually. He will take us from faith to faith, victory to victory, and glory to glory.

We’ve put together a great magazine for you this month to help you get the new year started off right. My article on page 4 will help you learn how to successfully follow the Holy Spirit in each season of your life. And Dad’s article on page 15 will teach you that healing belongs to every believer. Happy new year!


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