God’s Ready—Are You?

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God’s Ready—Are You?

What has God called you to do? Not everyone is called to full-time ministry. God’s plan for some is to work in secular business or some other field. Wherever you are, you are called to make an impact. What are you expecting Him to do for you and through you?

God is always there ready to help. The Holy Spirit is waiting to move on your behalf when you trust Him. The Holy Spirit is the power of God moving in your life. Expectant faith is the trigger that causes God to move.

Don’t ever think that God will do less than what He has said in His Word. If He said it, He is going to do it. He will bring it to pass!

Now is the hour to expect a great God to do great things. This is the time to step out and do great things with Him and for Him. He will meet you at your level of expectation and do what He has promised in His Word.

The degree of your expectation often determines the degree of power that is manifested. If you think nothing much will happen, nothing much will. But if you’re expecting a lot, then great things take place. Charles F. Kettering, the inventor of the electric starter, said, “High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation.”*

I encourage you to boldly make this confession of faith: “God is for me and not against me. He is in me, and He will never leave me nor forsake me. Therefore, I will push harder, go further, and do more because I know God will move on my behalf.”

I expect God to perform great things in your life this year. As you trust Him, you’ll step into all He has for you.

This issue of the Word of Faith is one you’ll want to dive into. Each article will build your faith and challenge you to pursue God more. May this be your best year ever as you delight yourself in Him!



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