Adopt an Inmate

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Adopt an Inmate

God is a God of second chances. He is the Master of taking someone’s mess and turning it into something beautiful. Paul is a good example of this. After his marriage fell apart, he walked away from God. He began hanging out with a backslidden friend, doing things that landed him in jail. Paul was lost
and hurting, but God never gave up on him.

While in prison, Paul rededicated his life to Lord and enrolled in Rhema Correspondence Bible School. Although he is illiterate, he could supernaturally read the Bible and the books he received from RCBS. He devoured each lesson. The knowledge Paul gained from studying the Word and hearing the message of faith changed his outlook on life and gave him a future and a hope.

Today, Paul is a free man—both spiritually and naturally. He regularly ministers to the homeless and those who have been released from prison. “I remind them that we have all fallen short of the Lord, but through repentance and redemption we are forgiven,” he says.

Paul is grateful that RCBS helped him to become grounded in the Word, and as a result, his relationship with God has grown. “Not only did [RCBS] feed my spirit,” shares Paul, “it gave me something my ego needed—a Certificate of Accomplishment. It gave me the feeling I could amount to something. It has kept me afloat during some very tough times. [RCBS] was my island in a very stormy sea.”

“[RCBS] was my island in a very stormy sea.”Paul

Help Change a Life

You can help change an inmate’s life. Rhema Correspondence Bible School’s Adopt an Inmate gives you the opportunity to adopt an inmate by underwriting the cost of 16 RCBS lessons. This includes three courses: Dynamics of Faith (5 lessons); Healing Truths (7 lessons); and Life of Prayer (4 lessons). It only takes $60 to get started. This covers the inmate’s application fee and the first lesson. You also have the option to adopt an inmate through the entire course of 35 lessons! Consecutive lessons are $35 each.

Currently, there are so many inmates on the RCBS scholarship waiting list that it takes approximately one year before an individual is selected. But you can change that. You can sponsor an inmate today!

Adopt an Inmate allows you to adopt someone you know, such as a relative or friend. Or you can adopt the next inmate on the list.

When you’re helping an inmate learn the Bible and build a relationship with God, you are giving them a second chance at life—a chance to rewrite their future.

Are you ready to help change a life?

Adopt an Inmate Today!

To sponsor an inmate: Call Rhema Correspondence Bible School at (918) 258-1588, ext. 2216, go to, or email [email protected].

“I don’t know how to put this into words. I know that I feel so amazing on the inside. I used to not care. But for the first time, I want a life. The books and lessons I get from you, my readings, it all has showed me a new way. I’m even learning how to forgive. I want so much for the power of God to overflow in me. I will have that. God bless you!” —Carey

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