2016: Increasing Our Reach

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It's been another great year at Kenneth Hagin Ministries. Here are some highlights of what has happened over the past 12 months.

The Expansion Continues!

More people are hearing the message of faith in every corner of the earth. They are learning about their authority in Christ, experiencing the healing power of God, and understanding God's never-ending grace and mercy. Rhema graduates are responsible for this. They are making a huge impact for God's Kingdom.

At the writing of this Word of Faith issue, Rhema has 225 campuses in 51 nations. But the way things are going around here, these numbers will be outdated by the time the magazine arrives in homes!

One of the new campuses was Rhema Guatemala City. Five recent Rhema USA graduates, with a burning passion to bring the faith message to this lush Central American nation, worked with Dean Tad Gregurich to open the campus.

Over 50 students from all walks of life started classes in February 2016. Some were students who recently graduated from high school. Others were doctors and business professionals in the international fruit trade. THESE STUDENTS ARE CATCHING THE FIRE OF REVIVAL THAT WILL CHANGE THEIR LIVES AND NATION.

The World Came Home

In February, Rhema family from across the U.S. and around the globe came home for Winter Bible Seminar & Rhema Worldwide Homecoming. It was a remarkable time as hundreds converged on the Rhema USA campus in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. They heard powerful messages, offered praise and worship to God, and enjoyed fellowship.

The Parade of Nations ceremony was especially moving. Representatives from every nation with a Rhema campus carried a flag into the Rhema Bible Church auditorium. The great impact RBTC is having around the world was clearly seen.

Ministering Across the U.S.

Kenneth and Lynette Hagin love preaching the Gospel. There weren't many days in 2016 when they weren't ministering somewhere. They are passionate about fulfilling the Great Commission and want to see people everywhere come to the saving knowledge of Jesus and grow into strong, faith-filled Christians.

The 2016 Living Faith Crusades took the Hagins to 13 U.S. CITIES. GOD'S GLORY FILLED EACH MEETING as inspiring messages on prayer, faith, and healing were taught and preached. 

Wherever Kenneth and Lynette ministered, God confirmed His Word with miracles following.

At a Florida crusade in January, a woman came up to the Hagins after the service. She had a little boy just under 2 years old in her arms. She told them how she attended a Living Faith Crusade a year earlier. At that time, she brought a prayer cloth to the meeting. It was for her son. Since her son was born, he had at least one seizure every day. As Kenneth and Lynette always do, they laid hands on every cloth that people brought. The woman laid the prayer cloth on her son, and HE HAS NOT HAD A SEIZURE SINCE!

More people are hearing the message of faith in every corner of the earth.

Ministering Internationally

Every year Kenneth and Lynette visit an international campus. In May their travels took them to Rhema UK & Ireland in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. They were warmly greeted by Rhema students, alumni, local pastors, and campus directors.

During a meeting with Rhema family and friends, Kenneth and Lynette shared details of how Rhema came to be. And they explained how God has joined people all over the world together to fulfill His mandate to "go teach My people faith."

While in Northern Ireland, the Hagins visited Life Triumphant Church, which is pastored by David and Claire Cullen (2009 Rhema USA graduates). After Kenneth ministered God's Word, it was immediately confirmed with signs following. MANY PEOPLE WERE HEALED, AND FOUR PEOPLE RECEIVED THE BAPTISM IN THE HOLY SPIRIT.Everyone was strengthened and encouraged in their faith.

From Ireland, the Hagins flew to Israel and joined 30 other men and women for a 10-day visit to the Holy Land. Led by a Messianic Jewish guide, the group kept a packed schedule, stopping at sites throughout Israel. The Bible came alive as they walked where Jesus walked, stood on Mount Carmel where Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal, and traveled by boat on the Sea of Galilee. At many stops, Kenneth opened the Bible, read from the Scriptures, and gave a mini-teaching on the importance of the place.

Shining Light in the Darkness

Demonstrating the love of Christ to Tulsa/Broken Arrow and surrounding communities is what Rhema Bible Church is all about.

In July, more than 45,000 people converged on the Rhema campus for Rockets Over Rhema. The free event held attractions for everyone. A patriotic musical kicked off the celebration, which included amazing Christian bands, fun and bouncy inflatable games, and an unforgettable, jaw-dropping fireworks display! This is one of the many ways Rhema Bible Church shows the love of Christ to the community.

On Thanksgiving Eve, the Hagins flipped the switch on a brilliant display of two million Christmas lights on the Rhema campus. The yearly tradition continues to draw people from Oklahoma and surrounding states. Based on turnouts from previous years, over 200,000 people were expected to view the dazzling lights. The bright, beautiful Christmas display is designed to point those who see it to the love of Christ and the real meaning of Christmas.

Rhema Bible Church

Each year a variety of Kenneth Hagin Ministries events—including Winter Bible Seminar, Campmeeting, Kindle the Flame Women's Conference, and A Call to Arms Men's Conference—are held in the Rhema Bible Church auditorium. These events are another way Kenneth Hagin Ministries is continuing to build faith in the Body of Christ. One thing is certain: Rhema will do its part to carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the message of faith to the uttermost parts of the world before Jesus returns.

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