Trusting Jesus in 2021

Rhema TeamJanuary 2021 WOFLeave a Comment

Another year is here: 2021! What a year we have left behind. I was looking at the Seed Thoughts I … Read More

You Are Going to Make It

Rhema TeamAugust 2020 WOF, Successful LivingLeave a Comment

When going through tough times, the first thing that usually happens is your emotions take over. You get mad, upset, … Read More

Trusting God

Rhema TeamJune/July 2020 WOFLeave a Comment

God wants you to live in a place of victory. He doesn’t want you to get chased out of your … Read More

Trusting Jesus

Rhema TeamMay 2019 WOF1 Comment

One of my favorite church hymns is “’Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus.” It comforts me and reminds me … Read More

Trust & Go

Rhema TeamApril 2018 WOF1 Comment

GOD HAS A call on your life! Whether it’s in the ministry, workplace, or family, He has assignments and instructions for … Read More

Facing the Fire

Rhema TeamMay 2018 WOFLeave a Comment

HAVE YOU EVER faced a hopeless situation where there appeared to be no way out? You may have felt overwhelmed and … Read More