The Wonder of a Savior

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The winter season often begins with a chill in the air, crackling flames in the fireplace, and time spent with … Read More

In The Know

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GOD’S RICHES ARE available to every Christian. But if we don’t know what He’s promised us, we can’t take possession … Read More

Thanks Be to God!

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The Apostle Paul faced many trials during his Christian life, but no matter his situation, he was always thankful. Paul … Read More

The Power of Praise

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Praise is the greatest reservoir of power the world has yet to see demonstrated. God’s power released in praise is … Read More

Faith Doesn’t Fear

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The force of faith—Bible faith—can change our circumstances. Study the lives of great men and women of faith in the … Read More

Whose Word Do You Trust?

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NEVER HAS IT been more apparent just how much the Body of Christ needs the anchor of God’s Word. We … Read More

God’s Definition of Success

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To be successful Christians, we must stay diligent to obey the Holy Spirit’s leading in every situation of life. And … Read More

Just Ask!

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LIFE IS A series of expectations. We’re expecting something either good or bad. Some people are pessimistic. They’re always sure … Read More

We Need a Spiritual Tune-Up

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WE ALL WANT to receive the best God has for us. But having that happen may require us to make … Read More

The Choice is Yours

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It’s crucial that we guard against being problem-conscious instead of spirit-conscious. When we are problem-conscious, we will criticize and condemn … Read More