Are You Laboring in Vain?

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THROUGHOUT MOST OF my ministry, I’ve based my life on Psalm 127:1, “Except the Lord build the house, they labour … Read More

Hear And Be Healed

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MATTHEW 9:35 SAYS that “Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teaching . . .” What did He teach? … Read More

We Can Walk With God

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Genesis chapter 5 gives us a genealogy of the patriarchs of old. Beginning with Adam, we read how long they … Read More

How To Grow Yourself

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The most important fact about faith is that every believer has a measure of the God-kind of faith. Mark 11:22 … Read More

Healing: It’s Your Right

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GOD’S WORD IS a never-failing remedy in every area of life, including health. As children of God, we are to … Read More

Fresh Oil!

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GOD’S END-TIME plan includes restoration of His glory, restoration of His power, and restoration of His gifts and ministries to … Read More

Running Your Race

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You have a particular race that God has set before you. It is a spiritual race that has to do … Read More

What’s So Great About Being Born Again?

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Being born again—accepting Jesus as your Savior—is the key that unlocks God’s promises. Second Corinthians 5:17 says, “Therefore if any … Read More

Love One Another

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Jesus was arrested and later crucified during the Passover celebration. Before He died, He gave His disciples a new commandment: … Read More

The Source of Troubles

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So many times people don’t know whether God or the devil is doing certain things. “Well,” they say, “maybe the … Read More