What The Bible Says About Forgiveness

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LET’S FACE IT: Forgiveness isn’t easy. But it is not optional for the Christian! Forgiveness is a choice we make—not … Read More

Responding to Offense

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One might argue that the prevalence of offense—unforgiveness, bitterness, and hatred—is a sign of the times (2 Tim. 3:1–5). With … Read More

Love and Forgiveness

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As I was meditating on what to write this month, an old song came to me, which I slightly changed. … Read More

Forgive and See Your Faith Set Free!

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Debbie Varney Until we are born again, we live in a kingdom dominated by darkness, fear, hate, strife, and worry. … Read More

The God-Kind of Love Forgives

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Kenneth E. HaginWhat is the God-kind of love like? The God-kind of love is full of kindness and is tenderhearted. … Read More