Winter Bible Seminar 2023 Review

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The sound of revival rang loud at Winter Bible Seminar as attendees were refreshed in their souls. Throughout the week, there was an urgency to pass the torch of revival, faith, and the power of God to the next generation. As the Rhema family poured out their hearts in worship and prayer, the Holy Spirit made it clear that revival is for every generation, both young and old.

Make plans to join us next year for Winter Bible Seminar and Rhema Homecoming, February 18–23. Here are some highlights from the week.


“Running out of gas in our vehicles is a great concern. But we should be just as concerned when it happens to us spiritually. In First Samuel chapter 30, David and his men returned to Ziklag to discover their homes had been raided and burned, and their wives and children were captured. With their families and possessions gone, they were at their wits end. David realized he had to go to God for encouragement. Times of conflict and betrayal can drain us and run our spiritual tanks dry. In the same way we have to fill up the tank in our vehicles, we have to fill up spiritually. God has a vast supply that never runs out. Ephesians 5:18 (AMPC) says, ‘Ever be filled and stimulated with the Holy Spirit.’Being filled and refreshed is an ongoing action.”
Kenneth W. Hagin


“In this season, we need to eliminate the distractions in our lives to walk out God’s plan. The enemy uses distractions to keep us from fulfilling what God has planned for us. Ask yourself, ‘Are my ears tuned to the voice of God, or am I being distracted?’ It can be hard sometimes, especially when the enemy is blasting his negative thoughts so loudly in our ears that we can’t hear God’s voice. We must turn off the enemy and listen to the Lord. God wants to give us vision and assignments, but vision and purpose can die in life’s distractions if we aren’t careful. We have to stay in touch with God morning, noon, and night. Ask the Lord to help you correct those things—even the seemingly good things—that are distracting you from fulfilling His plan for your life in its fullness.”

Lynette Hagin


“John chapter 5 tells the story of the pool of Bethesda where many sick people waited in hopes of getting healed. An angel would stir the water at certain times and whoever stepped in first was made well. While they were waiting, Jesus came and healed one man who had been sick for 38 years. This story reminds me of the church today. Many Christians are like the people around the pool. They’re waiting for a move, not realizing they’re living under the New Covenant. Jesus Christ is with us all the time. We don’t have to wait for Jesus to show up at our church or anywhere else. He’s already on the inside of us!”
Craig W. Hagin


“Jesus said, ‘A time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth’
(John 4:23 NIV). We have the Spirit within, and the Spirit within us worships God spirit to Spirit. Listen, we have to create an atmosphere for Him to come in. We’ve been putting the Holy Spirit in a box. I like to laugh, run, and dance, but that is not the only way He moves. I am convinced there are moves of the Holy Spirit we’ve never seen because we haven’t let it happen. We’re limiting Him to only move in the ways we have seen in the past. But if we will shatter that box and get into God’s presence and worship Him in spirit and truth, He will do things we’ve never seen, things that will blow our minds.”
Denise Hagin Burns

“We need all hands on deck. It’s time for God to move. Some of you who have been saved a long time need to dust yourself off and get back into the fire and realize your services are required right now.”

Kirk DuBois

“The way we pull our ‘selfie’ together is to look in the correct mirror. The world is not your mirror.
As a Christian, God’s Word is the only safe and accurate mirror, and the Revealer lives in you.”
Joe Duininck

“Who is in us? The mighty Holy Ghost. God’s glory resides in the temple of God individually and collectively. Part of the revival is rising up and being containers of God’s glory and power in
our generation.”

Tad Gregurich

“What you’re focused on will come out of you. The Bible says that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. We ought to be focused on the good things in us in Christ.” // Tanner Gregurich

“God’s promises are designed to be pressure-tested—to sustain you in the middle of a circumstance. That situation may be beating you upside the head, but put your emphasis on the promise. It can overcome whatever pressure you are facing today.”

 Gary Hennenfent

“The Gospel message should be the most understood message above all other messages we carry as Christians. Yet, most of us can spout the ABCs of faith quicker than we can Christ died, was buried, and rose for our justification.”

Doug Jones

“Doing the works of Jesus is important, and we are called to do them. We believe for the miraculous and want to see people healed. But Jesus’ works disconnected from Jesus’ Words produce actions apart from His heart.”

Tony McKinnon

“When believers lose sight of honor, three things will happen. We’ll stop receiving answers to our prayers. We won’t live the long life God promised us. And it will be hard to be led by the Spirit of God.”

Bill Ray

“What is coming out of your mouth every day, all day? Is it agreeing with what God is saying?
You can’t speak the curse and speak the promises and expect the promises to dominate.”
Karen Jensen Salisbury

“Walking out God’s perfect will starts with the ministry of reconciliation. God’s will is around you all the time—it’s the people you come in contact with. Be an ambassador of Christ and reconcile them to God.”

 Dan Taylor

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