Winter Bible Seminar 2011 – Part 2

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Wednesday, February 23. In the 8:30 a.m. session Karen Jensen encouraged her hearers to get God’s direction for their lives. She urged them to trust their ability to know the voice of God. “Stop believing how you feel,” she said. “Stop believing what you’ve done before. Don’t believe more in your mistakes than you do in the Word of God.”

Craig W. Hagin opened the 9:30 a.m. service by mentioning flying on an airplane and hearing the pilot say over the intercom, “We can’t land yet. We are in a holding pattern.” He compared that to the way some Christians live their lives. “A lot of Christians right now are in a holding pattern. They have been waiting for God to do something in their lives. But I believe God is waiting on us to do something.”

Sharing from personal experience during the 10:30 a.m. service, Lynette Hagin emphasized how important it is that believers recognize and listen to their Heavenly Father’s voice. To recognize His voice and hear what He is saying, we need to have already been communicating with Him.

Mrs. Hagin also stressed the importance of waiting and allowing God to make connections in our lives. Whether in ministry, business, or marriage, it’s vital that we wait and get the Lord’s direction. If we listen and allow Him to, our Father will order our every step and we will be exactly where we need to be.

“The wind of the Holy Spirit is blowing,” proclaimed Kenneth W. Hagin during Wednesday night’s service. When the wind of the Spirit blows on the hearts of people, change will take place in their lives. The wind is blowing and we need to let it blow on us. When we do, needs will be met and victory will be gained.

Thursday, February 24. Kirk DuBois ministered in the 8:30 a.m. session on the leading of the Holy Spirit. The Bible tells us in Luke chapter 4 that Jesus, Who was “full of the Spirit,” was led by the Spirit into the wilderness (v. 1). After being tempted for 40 days, Jesus returned “in the power of the Spirit” (v. 14). “I believe there are a lot of Christians who are full of the Spirit,” Rev. DuBois said, “but they aren’t operating in the power of the Spirit because they haven’t learned how to deal with what’s in the wilderness.”

In the 9:30 a.m. service, Tad Gregurich ministered on “Increasing Our Capacity.” Many times when people think about increase in some area, they consider it for their own benefit. But we need to increase with a different goal in mind. “The Body of Christ isn’t going to increase until you increase,” Rev. Gregurich said, “because that gives us a greater capacity to reach a lost and dying world.”

Lynette Hagin reminded her hearers during the 10:30 service that “God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them” (Rom. 8:28 NLT). “Whatever’s happening, ask the Lord, ‘What benefit can come out of this?’” Mrs. Hagin said. “The situation is going to turn around for my good, and God is going to use it to minister to someone else. We need each other.” Mrs. Hagin emphasized the need to keep our relationships strong—especially with our Heavenly Father and, if we are married, with our spouse. The service ended with the whole congregation praying for relationships.

At some time we all encounter situations in which we don’t know what to do. But during the Thursday evening Winter Bible Seminar service, Kenneth W. Hagin reminded the congregation that the Holy Spirit Who resides inside us always knows what to do. We can learn to pull on that anointing, fulfill our call, and meet the needs of others. We can be on top of every situation and succeed everywhere we go. We don’t have to sit around waiting for things to get better. We can go forward in the power of the anointing and take back what the devil has stolen!

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