Living Free

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THE BLOOD OF CHRIST makes it possible for us to be free from the dominion of the devil. But when Jesus … Read More

Get Out of Your “Stupid” Place

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I SEE PEOPLE all the time—young people especially—who have so much potential. Yet they’re struggling. They’ve made choices they shouldn’t have … Read More

It’s All About the Cross

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WHEN WE THINK about the Cross of Calvary, sometimes we only think of forgiveness and healing. But so much more happened. … Read More


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THERE’S NO QUESTION about it, the world is a crazy place right now. When we look around, it’s easy to see … Read More

Finding the Champion Within You

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If you’ve ever thought, “I’m a failure. There’s nowhere I can go from here,” I have a scripture for you. I LOVE … Read More

Don’t Choke!

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THE 2016 Masters Tournament held at the Augusta National Golf Club will long be talked about. Jordan Spieth—one of the world’s … Read More