The Answer to Your Problems: Jesus

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Jesus is always the answer. He’s the answer before and during our problems. He does not change (Heb. 13:8). He … Read More

Three Steps to Healing

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Acts chapter 14 records the story of a crippled man whose destiny was changed when he encountered the Apostle Paul. … Read More

Take the Mask Off & Be Who You Really Are

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How authentic are you? Do you act one way at church surrounded by fellow believers and another way at work … Read More

Thanksgiving: A Holiday or an Attitude?

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For some people, Thanksgiving is just a holiday when we eat lots of turkey and watch football. But Thanksgiving is … Read More

Be Transformed by Renewing Your Mind

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God never intended for mankind to have a human nature. His plan was for us to have a godly nature … Read More

The Ultimate Stress Buster

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HAVE YOU EVER noticed how the smallest thing can set someone off and cause them to stress out? Christians should … Read More

10 Tips to Help You Run Your Race

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CRAIG W. HAGIN shared these thoughts with the Rhema Bible Training College student body. But the following tips can help … Read More

Do You Know What’s Yours?

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Acts chapter 3 records the healing of a man who had been lame from birth. Every day he was carried … Read More

You Decide

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Craig W. HaginMany people try God when nothing else works. They exhaust all their resources and then ask the Lord … Read More

Have Faith in God

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Christianity is based on faith. We are saved through faith, healed through faith, and blessed financially through faith. Faith is … Read More