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[Editor’s note: The following letters are from ministry partners, friends, and readers like you. We edited them for length and clarity. Please contact us at [email protected] if this ministry has blessed you in any way.]

Blessed by The Word of Faith

I always appreciate your Word of Faith magazine. The articles in the April 2019 issue really spoke to our family and encouraged us in the circumstances we are going through. Kenneth E.
Hagin’s message “The Greater One Lives in You” was especially relevant at this time. I also liked the “Scriptures to Live By” page. I put it in a conspicuous place to remind me of who I am in Christ. Thank you. // Joseph

A Life Changed

Since I discovered Rhema over two years ago, my life has been going upward after listening to the wonderful revelation given by Kenneth E. Hagin. My faith is growing every day, and my inner man is being strengthened to do the will of God. // Tukamushaba

Heart Healed!

I began experiencing tremendous pain in my heart during one of the sessions at Campmeeting 2019. I thought I was toast! I began speaking the Word quietly. The Holy Spirit told me to go forward and allow Pastor Craig to lay hands on me. When he did, I fell out under the power and knew healing had occurred in my heart. // Patricia

Disease Defeated

Our 16-month-old son, Case, was diagnosed with Hurler syndrome at two months of age. We nearly lost him three times within his first 48 hours of life. The doctors told us that without treatment, the disease would eventually kill him. The Lord told me if my husband and I brought Case to Winter Bible Seminar 2019 and had hands laid on him, he would be healed. When Craig Hagin ministered to the sick on Wednesday, I took Case down for prayer. The power of God went into his body, and oppression and deformity left at that moment. Hurlers was defeated. Case is happier than ever. His motor skills are improving daily, and he is learning to crawl and walk. We are so thankful for Rhema and how you have ministered to us through the years! // Lesley

The Prayer of Agreement Works

I asked for prayer for my husband after he fell. He sustained a head injury that put him in a coma. I asked you to agree with me for his complete healing and that he wouldn’t be disabled. He was in a coma for three weeks and spent another 10 weeks in the hospital recovering. My husband was discharged completely healed and with no disability. He is up and moving about independently! // Funmi

Like a Box of Chocolates!

Your Word of Faith magazine is the highlight of my day each month. It’s like a box of expensive chocolates wrapped in bright, happy, gold paper. Each one holds a surprise delight of God’s love, knowledge, and wisdom for my spiritual palette! Thank you for every article and for the jokes and riddles! I put them on Facebook for all my “peeps.” // Celeste

Book Brings Hope

I am a 25-year breast cancer survivor and volunteer for the Canadian Cancer Society, helping newly diagnosed women with breast cancer. One lady introduced me to Health Food Devotions. I purchased copies to share with the other women. They have been raving about how helpful the devotions are. Thank you for inspiring ladies in a period of being down and lost. // Dianne

A Download of Faith

Thank you Ken and Lynette Hagin for coming to St. Cloud, Minnesota. My husband and I received a download of faith—a deeper revelation of faith and believing God. On the second night of the meetings, the Hagins shared how they believed God for things on a day-to-day basis. My husband and I decided to do the same. We began declaring that we have abundance, that our accounts are full, and that we have what we need and plenty to give away. In just four months, we were able to fully fund our “opportunity fund.” // Leana

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