Dad 101—Encouraging Tips to Help You Be a Great Father

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An Interview with Kenneth W. Hagin and Craig Hagin

Father’s Day is always a special day. It’s a time to make sure our dads know they’re appreciated—to let them know how important they really are.

In honor of all the dads out there, we thought we’d share our top dad tips. Let’s be honest. Being a dad sometimes takes a lot of hard work and dedication. But it’s also one of the most rewarding jobs in the world!

1. Establish a Relationship

Kenneth: I believe that one secret to success with your children is establishing a relationship with them when they’re young—from the moment they’re born. Too many fathers want to wait until their children are older. But it doesn’t work that way.

When Craig was a baby, I got up with him every other night. (Lynette and I took turns!) On Saturdays I would get him up, feed and dress him, and then take him with me—wherever I had to go. I also took him to his first race when he was a baby, and I continued to do that as he got older. I did the same thing with my daughter, Denise. I helped her with her cheerleading and attended her ballet recitals. I was with my kids. I established a relationship with them.

2. Avoid Overreacting

Craig: It’s important to listen to your child’s side of the story before you jump to conclusions. Even if you know they’re not telling the truth, give them an opportunity to plead their case. Listen to what they say before you decide anything. It’s also a good idea to remember how you were as a kid. Put yourself in their situation, because kids are kids.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Tell Your Kids You’re Wrong

Kenneth: I had to tell my kids I was wrong several times when they were growing up. Some may say, “You’ll lose your credibility with them that way.” Actually, you’re building credibility with your kids. They know you’re not afraid to make a change if you’re wrong.

4. Do Things Together as a Family

Kenneth: When Craig played sports, we all supported him. When Denise did ballet and cheerleading, we all supported her. I’m not saying that Craig and I enjoyed ballet that much, but we were there! We also purposed to eat supper together every night around the table. That was a time when we could talk about anything we wanted to.

5. Follow Through

Craig: If you promise your kids you’re going to do something, then do it. The number one complaint we hear—especially from teens—is that mom or dad didn’t keep their promise. I understand that unexpected things can happen. But do all you can to follow through with what you’ve told them.

6. Give Your Kids Yourself

Kenneth: I think the greatest thing you can do to raise children in the world we live in is to spend time with them. Give them yourself. Just be there for them. When Craig was a teen, he’d come in at night and want to talk. He’d ask, “Dad, are you asleep?” Even if I was, I’d get up. It didn’t matter that I was tired. He wanted to talk, so we’d talk—sometimes late into the night!

Craig: When I was younger, I always felt comfortable talking to my dad about things in my life. I knew he wouldn’t judge me. We’d talk about it and then move forward. God gave me an awesome dad! And I try to follow in his footsteps with my boys.

7. Pray

Kenneth: I prayed for my kids every day. I prayed, “Father, I thank You that they’ll grow up strong physically, mentally, and spiritually.” Now I do that for my grandkids.

Craig: In today’s world, we need to pray protection over our kids. We don’t know what they’ll face during the day. That’s why we need to learn to be led by the Holy Spirit. Then our kids will always be in the right place at the right time.

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  1. I read this because I am a single mom and filling both roles per se. in the natural I am both parents but I know Jesus is my Husband, right now and God is my Father and my child’s Father. This helped me

  2. Wish to learn n develop through yo program pls keep sending cus this wiil help n up lift lot of people spiritually

  3. Very useful material. Thank God for U both for your time to put this together. More grace. SHALOM

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