Campmeeting 50: A Celebration of Legacy

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Thousands came to Broken Arrow and others joined online to celebrate 50 years of Campmeeting! Speakers ministered the Word powerfully, resulting in healings, fresh anointings, and new beginnings. Campmeeting: Then and Now aired on the big screen Thursday evening. The special 50-minute video contains clips of Brother Hagin from early Campmeetingsthrough 2003 and commentary from Kenneth and Lynette Hagin and others. From Rhema Kids to Summer Blitz to the adult services, the Spirit of God touched everyone who attended. Here are some highlights from the week.

Looking to the Supernatural

Kenneth W. Hagin

David was in a stressful situation in Psalm 121. He lifted his eyes to the hills for help, but nothing happened. Then he said, “Wait a minute. My help doesn’t come from natural resources or people. My help comes from Jehovah Jirah, the God who is more than enough.” David turned from natural solutions to the supernatural. Possibilities exist in the unseen realm that you would never think about in the natural realm. The solutions you are looking for are in the unseen realm. Possibilities aren’t limited in that realm. Impossibilities become possibilities because of where you look.

Focus on Praising God

Lynette Hagin

Praise brings about victory. In Acts chapter 16, Paul and Silas had great results getting people saved, so the enemy tried to make trouble for them. They were thrown in prison, but they still praised God. Start praising God in the midst of adversity. When you do, the suddenlies will happen just like it happened in that prison. Doors that are shut will suddenly open!”


Craig W. Hagin

Legacy means “something received by an ancestor or predecessor.” Some people want to live in the past. They call it “the good ole days.” We need to move to the future and realize that God is not through with us yet. Your time is not over.If we don’t keep going, legacy doesn’t matter. We have to take the message we were taught and make it relevant to this generation.Jesus spoke in the common dialect of the day and could relate to anybody. We can’t reach an MP3 generation with a cassette tape.

Kids Light It Up
Young ones lit it up during Campmeeting! Kids were taught the importance of shining brighter in a world that is becoming darker. The theme for the elementary-age students was “Glow in the Dark.” All week long, they learned ways to “go light our world.” The week started with kids learning spiritual and natural ways to love others. They also learned the power source for their light is the Holy Spirit, and He helps them minister to those around them. Each night, the kids encountered God during worship. At the end of the week, over 40 kids were filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

The theme for the nursery and preschool-age students was “Let Your Light Shine.” The little ones were taught that Jesus is the light of the world. He gave them power when He went to Heaven. They are now the light of the world and need to shine bright. It was a powerful week in Rhema Kids!


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