Campmeeting 2020: A Great Time in the Lord

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People gathered online and in person at Rhema Bible Church in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, for Campmeeting 2020. The Spirit of God moved mightily in the lives of those who attended from kids to adults. Online attendees testified to being healed and refreshed while participating from afar.

Foundations of faith and prayer built a platform for wisdom to flow and hearts to receive. Reports from Rhema campuses around the world brought news of start-ups and online expansion in the midst of "shut down." By the end of the week, an army of believers resonating with compassion and unity was mobilized with fresh fire—ready to hear God and take action!

Campmeeting 2021 will be held on July 25-30. Mark your calendars and join us!

Speaker Highlights

"Storms are mere distractions to get you off of the road that God wants you on. You have to stay steady! God will not abandon you. He will show you the way out." // Kenneth W. Hagin

"Let's quit talking about opinions and start practicing what God said and LOVE. We must band together in unity and harmony." // Lynette Hagin

"Mark 9:23 says, 'all things are possible to those who believe.' I believe 2020 is my best year yet. This pandemic does not define my year. God defines my year!" // Craig W. Hagin

"Faith doesn't care where you come from; it cares what you believe. You are chosen to live a life of faith . . . to be a fearless faith leader!" // Earl Glisson

"When there's a battle between your head and your heart, you better let your heart win because your heart is where God will lead you!" // Bill Ray

"There is an end to your faith. God may not do it on your timetable, but if you maintain a spirit of faith during the 'in-between' time, you will see deliverance." // David Shearin

"Love causes us to have boldness. When the light of the Kingdom of God shines through us, we can boldly stand in the face of anything that comes our way!" // Darrell Huffman

"The blood of Jesus is liquid love that flows from the heart of God, reaches into the heart of man, and heals us where we have been wounded or broken." // Mark Hankins

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