Call to Arms 2022: Destined to Win

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ON NOVEMBER 3–4, men from different walks of life gathered on the Rhema USA campus to be encouraged and inspired to live to their full potential in God. “You’re not here by accident,” Kenneth W. Hagin told them. “I believe you’re here by divine appointment.” How true his words were. The men returned home armed to win and reign in every area of life!


How do you see yourself? Do you see yourself the way God sees you? He does not see you as a weak person. He sees you as a strong, smart, and talented person. God does not see you as a fearful person. He sees you as triumphant and courageous.

WINNING BEGINS BY SEEING YOURSELF CORRECTLY. We’re all God’s men, and we are all winners. Don’t ever look down on somebody because he doesn’t come up to what you think the standard is. The only standard of measurement is God’s.

THE GREATEST THING YOU CAN DO TO WIN IS TO UNDERSTAND WHO YOU ARE IN CHRIST. God never created an unworthy person or a weak person. When you were born again, you were recreated and became a brand-new person in Christ. God never created you as a failure. That doesn’t mean you have never stumped your toe. But you’re never a failure until you stop trying.

There’s a game to be won. There are buildings to be built, books to be written, and songs to be sung. There’s the enemy to overcome and a race to run. There’s a family to raise. God’s will needs to be done, and souls must be won. GOD HAS DESTINED EVERY ONE OF YOU TO SUCCEED IN SOME AREA OF LIFE. He made it possible for you to win by sending Jesus to the cross. YOU ARE VICTORIOUS THROUGH CHRIST.

Kenneth W. Hagin


A great team comes on the field with swagger. You can tell the difference between someone who’s used to winning and someone who’s not. They walk differently. They come on the field and act like winners. At some point, they believe they can’t be defeated.

First Corinthians 15:57 (NKJV) says, “But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” Notice this verse doesn’t say that God is going to give you the victory. He already has. People say, “I can’t wait to win!” The Bible says you already have. SO IF YOU’RE ALREADY A WINNER, IT’S TIME TO ACT LIKE IT.

You have to understand Who’s in you. If you’ve accepted Jesus as your Savior, the Spirit of the living God is in you. YOU HAVE THE ANSWER TO EVERY PROBLEM BEFORE YOU GET TO THE PROBLEM. He’s in you everywhere you step, causing you to triumph in every situation. But it’s up to you to act like it.

Jesus obtained the victory for us, and all we have to do is accept it by faith. But people think, “I don’t know how I’m going to do it.” The problem is you’re trying to do everything instead of letting God do it. The Bible says if you believe, all things are possible. YOU DON’T HAVE TO FIGURE OUT HOW YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE IT. BELIEVE GOD, AND PUT YOUR TRUST IN HIM. IT’S THAT SIMPLE.

Craig W. Hagin

“If we’re going to lead, we must first know how to follow. Every athlete must submit to training and their coach. THE FIRST CHARACTERISTIC OF A GODLY MAN IS SUBMISSION. IT’S THE PLACE WHERE WE FIND OUR PURPOSE. You can’t find your purpose outside of God and what He has called you to be and do. Adam fell into sin because he failed to submit to God. We all have places where we want to run our own lives. It takes courage to submit completely to God.”

Mark Bintliff

“God intended us to get our thoughts from His Word. When a thought comes against the Word, get rid of it! If you imagine something without casting it down, it will become a stronghold in your life and affect your future. The degree to which your life is healthy, is the degree to which you allow your thoughts to come from what God says about you. LET YOUR IMAGINATION RUN WILD WITH THOUGHTS OF WHO GOD SAYS YOU ARE AND WHAT HE SAYS YOU CAN DO. THEN IMAGINATIONS OF GOD’S WORD WILL BECOME A STRONGHOLD IN YOUR LIFE.”

Wyatt Brown


“People can get so focused on unessential things rather than on the vision God has laid out for them. A lot of times we get focused on provision more than we do the vision. I HEAR PEOPLE SAY, ‘IF WE JUST HAD THIS, OR IF WE JUST HAD THAT.’ NO, NO, NO. WHAT’S IN YOUR HANDS? WHAT DID MOSES HAVE? A STICK. WHAT DID DORCAS HAVE? A NEEDLE! I’ve done a lot of stuff without a lot of things.”

Josh Gresham

“Real men dominate! REAL MEN STEP OUT ON THE WORD AND WALK ON THE WATER WHEN IT’S TAKING EVERYBODY ELSE UNDER. WE DON’T RUN FROM TROUBLE, WE RUN TOWARD IT WITH OUR MOUTHS OPEN! We are called good soldiers of Christ. You are God’s best. He picked His best for the last hour. You are an agent of change. There is nothing that comes your way that you can’t change. God has given you power, dominion, and authority. You are not here to get second place. You are here to win the race.”

Roddy Shaffer

“Life will give us opportunities to quit. We will face adversity. Many times we try to avoid it or rebuke it away. But the battle is what causes the greatest victories. It’s the process of going through difficult times that causes a resolve in us. WE WANT THE MOUNTAINTOP EXPERIENCE, BUT FRUIT IS PRODUCED IN THE VALLEY. AND FRUIT IS WHAT SUSTAINS US THROUGH HARD TIMES AND DIFFICULT THINGS. So when we think about winning, it’s an attitude. It’s a choice. You have to choose to be a winner.”

Jesse Tricola



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