Brand New Product – Kenneth E. Hagin Legacy Bible

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It’s impossible to measure the huge impact that Kenneth E. Hagin left on this world. From books to audio teachings, Brother Hagin gave us a legacy of faith and love. He was a stickler for the Word and lived the life he taught.

Kenneth Hagin Ministries is excited to present this limited edition Kenneth E. Hagin Legacy Bible, designed to help you study the Word and grow your faith.

Bound in beautiful genuine leather, this Bible contains 26 lessons on faith, giant King James text, a concordance, and “A Harmony of the Four Gospels.”

You can order yours today at!

Check out a free  sample of one of the featured faith lessons from Brother Hagin:
“Faith Sees the Answer”

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4 Comments on “Brand New Product – Kenneth E. Hagin Legacy Bible”

  1. I love Pastor Kenneth Hagin, I listen to him every night, before I go to sleep. Pastor Hagin is still winning souls today, although he’s with Jesus. He was a great man of God, who helped so many people.

  2. I, too, listen to God’s Medicine every single night before bed. God/Jesus are my God, but Pastor Hagin is a great faith mentor and has helped me so much. Love this man’s heart, so beautiful to see it carried on in his son. Ordering this as soon as we are paid again.

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