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Winter Bible Seminar & Worldwide Homecoming 2019

The world came home, and what a glorious time it was! Men and women from across the U.S. and 50 nations descended on the Rhema USA campus. Belarus, Argentina, Turkey, Congo, Monaco, Myanmar, and Mongolia represented some of the countries, with Brazil’s delegation of 235 the largest. Every evening members of the Rhema Singers & Band blessed the attendees with their most popular songs. The sick were healed, hearts were strengthened, and thousands of believers left empowered by the Spirit to do what God has called them to do. Here is a sampling of what attendees heard.

New Realms of Glory

“The anointing is in every one of us. Revelation comes when we praise God and get into His Word. There’s a realm of glory that we are not aware of yet. It’s a realm of power. It’s a realm of God’s presence. We need to rise up by faith and enter that realm through praise to Him. If we will open our mouths and praise God from a heart of gratitude, the anointing will sweep over us. Scripture says our praise rises to God as a sweet-smelling savor (Eph. 5:2). The more we praise Him and enter into worship, the more He wants to do for us. We can enter a new realm by praising God. We don’t have to be preached into it. We don’t have to be talked into it. We praise ourselves into it!” // Kenneth W. Hagin

It’s a New Season!

“God has a new season for you. It will take faith to step into it because it’s a time of stretching. Preparation through prayer and reading the Word will propel this season into what it should be. Pray for the anointing of the power of God to help you. There will be battles to fight, but God will always bring you through. Be strong, courageous, and bold. Listen to His instructions and obey them. If you do, you will end up in the right place at the right time.” // Lynette Hagin

Have Faith in God

“It hit me one day—I had never looked up “faith” in the dictionary! Definition number two changed my life: an unquestioning belief. People are trusting God and asking, “Why isn’t it happening?” ‘Why?’ is a question. That’s not faith! Any time I ask a question, I know I’m not in faith. The devil tries to say it’s not working, but you have to know this: I’ve already spoken to that mountain. I’ve already done my part. My faith is in God. I trust God that He will do His part!” // Craig W. Hagin

Generational Cohesion

“God wants to bridge the gap between the generations. It’s time for the older and younger generations to come together and support each other. The older generation has a responsibility to teach the things of God to the next generation. What are we modeling to them? Young people are crying out and looking for answers. Our part is to get on our knees and fight in the spirit realm so the power of the Holy Spirit will not be lost to the next generation.” // Denise Hagin Burns

‘‘As we approach God for healing we must come believing something and leave believing something. Coming, we must believe God is the healer and that He will give healing. Leaving we must believe that we received.” // Doug Jones

“It’s not about a man. It’s about mandates, and every mandate has a leader. If you honor those who God sent before you, you will receive things you cannot receive otherwise.” // Alex Harten, Germany

“Jesus’ mission is to seek and save the lost. He gave us a co-mission—alter where people spend eternity by getting involved in the mission.” // Joe Duininck

“God wants us to cooperate with Him. We must be filled with the knowledge of His will, so you and I can know our uniqueness and not imitate somebody else.” // Mauro Girgenti, Italy

“We have been uniquely graced by God to bring a lost world to Christ. We are portable lamps, and everywhere we go our light should shine.” // John Grunewald

“The truth that set us free is the same truth that will keep us over time. To never deviate, we need to hold tighter and tighter.” // Thiago Garcia, Brazil

“Faith comes by hearing the Spirit of God say something to you. God wants to give you specific instructions for victory.” // Pattie Duininck-Ah Kui

“Miracles, signs, and wonders—that’s our DNA! We are supernatural beings. God Almighty is in us! How can miracles not happen? We are containers of God on this earth!” // Tad Gregurich, USA

“As long as you don’t quit, winning is a possibility. Hold on to that which never passes away—God’s Word will never pass away!” // John David Romick, COLOMBIA

“We should be moved by the love of God. The harvest is not a problem. Be one of the laborers and go—do something. Miracles are in the doing.” // William Meni, Kenya

A lot of people want to be healed, but they don't want to hear anythingKenneth E. Hagin

Rhema Kids

Elementary ages enjoyed “The Candy Shop” all week. The theme focused on the “Sweet Love of Jesus” with a delicious candy related to each spiritual lesson. Candies like Milk Duds illustrated “We Aren’t Perfect but God Loves Us” and Mr. Goodbar helped kids “Love Your Enemies.” The highlight of the week was the sweetest: Kids received salvation and healing and were set free from fear and thoughts that they were unloved. They experienced the love of God!

Winter Blitz

The 6th–12th graders received wonderful teaching from D.K. Hall and Chris Campbell. Students learned how to be led by the Spirit and the importance of listening to the inward witness. Lives were impacted as the young engaged in worship with the presence of the Lord surrounding them. It was a great week as they committed to allowing the Holy Spirit lead their lives.

Experience It

Watch archived messages at Just click on Winter Bible Seminar 2019.

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