A Call to Arms Men’s Conference 2019

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Man, oh man! What a great weekend of praise, fellowship, and ministry. Men from across the U.S. filled the Rhema Bible Church auditorium for three days at Kenneth W. Hagin’s A Call to Arms® Men’s Conference. They came from all walks of life to pursue their purpose and find freedom in Christ. Each speaker imparted godly wisdom and instruction to the attendees. The men left fired up, ready to answer the call, and eager to live the abundant life God has for them.

Be sure to join us next year for A Call to Arms 2020 on November 5–7. Here are highlights from the conference:

The Blood Changes Everything

Kenneth W. Hagin

The Spirit of God is now being poured out because Jesus went to the cross and hung suspended between Heaven and earth. God built a bridge from the degradation of sin to the glories of Heaven with two boards and three nails. The blood that ran down the cross and onto the ground is still flowing today!

The blood of Christ never changes or loses its power. If it gave you strength, delivered you, and provided for you yesterday, it will do the same today. It’s what you can depend on in any situation.

You can activate the power of God by pleading the blood of Jesus. If you are dealing with addictions and temptations, plead the blood. The devil is afraid of Christians who know the power of the blood. That’s what defeated him.

If you need a change in your life, say what the blood says. It says you are righteous, and nothing can stand against you. The blood of Jesus changes everything!

Make this declaration:

By the power of the blood, my life has been changed. I am saved, cleansed, and protected from evil. I am delivered from everything that hinders my walk with God. I am raised up to a higher level than I ever have been. I am released from bondage. I am a new man in Christ and freedom is open to me. I cannot be taken captive. Old things no longer exist. Therefore, I will never be the same again!

Empowering the Real Man on the Inside

Craig W. Hagin

When facing any adversity, it’s not about hoping, it’s about knowing. Because when you have already won, you know that the situation is only temporary. You will make it through! But for you to get through, you have to depend on the Greater One—the real man, Jesus Christ. He is the ultimate man!

Most of you have read, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Phil. 4:13 NKJV) and get the “I” mentality. You’re looking at “I” can do all things. But really, this verse is about Jesus. You can do all things through Christ. He is the most important part. Getting a hold of the “duo” mentality will change your perspective. Every time you walk into a room, it’s not just you. It’s Christ and you. He’s always with you. Ride His coattails! You’re His sidekick!

“If we don’t have the Word in our lives. If we’re not filled with the Spirit. If we don’t have good leaders over us. If we’re not hanging around good friends. And if we’re not serving our way to our destinies, we can get caught off guard and blindsided. All these areas must be constantly engaged! How many brave men will fight for the truth? Fight the good fight of faith? Fight for integrity, the things of God, and for good character? That’s why you’re here. Manhood is not a playground—it’s a battlefield.” // Joseph Coyne

“The God Who created the heavens and earth lives in you! He expects you to be brave and courageous. Sometimes after accomplishing a faith challenge, another one arises. And we lose our confidence, our God consciousness, instead of focusing on Jesus. Any time fear comes in, the less conscious we are of God. It’s not about a faith formula. It’s about knowing God and maintaining an awareness of Who lives inside you. The same Spirit who helped Jesus will help you. He’s just waiting for you to acknowledge Him.” // Kenneth Estrada

“Since the beginning, human beings have failed to take responsibility for themselves. But everything starts with you. If your kids flunk out of school, it’s your fault. You’re the head of the family. As a man, your job is to serve your family and bless as many people as you can. Leave everyone you meet better than when you found them. That’s what Jesus did. Your job is to be a lover. Love your wife, whether she loves you or not. Love doesn’t dominate. It serves.” // Joe McGee

“You have to fix your mind on the things of God—on purpose. You will not get there by accident. You can train and get ready for what is coming down the pipeline. You might not know what it is, but you can still train for whatever is coming. When you are disciplined to pray in the Spirit on all occasions, you are already ready! You can’t do this thing called life without it. Don’t take a break from the Holy Spirit!” // Johnathan Morin

“You can control the atmosphere of your life through your praise, by what comes out of your mouth. Never let the pressure speak louder than the praise! He’s promised you healing. He’s promised you peace. He’s promised you strength. He’s promised you love. He’s promised you mercy. He’s promised you grace. He’s promised you joy. He’s promised you a bright future. He’s promised you success. Trust the promise! God will relieve the pressure!” // Matt Shearin

“It’s my third conference, and it’s moved me every time. There’s always something different, something I can bring home.” —Allan

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