A Call to Arms 2020

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Transformed into an end zone, the stage was a perfect backdrop for Kenneth W. Hagin’s A Call to Arms® Men’s Conference. Men were challenged to get in the game and finish strong! From the first session to the last, they were fortified through worship, God’s Word, and ministry for healing and mastery over addictions. Freedom and strength flooded the crowd as men set their faces toward righteousness and stepped deeper into God’s call.

Make plans to attend A Call to Arms November 4–5, 2021! In the meantime, enjoy these highlights.

I Walk the Line

Kenneth W. Hagin

We must judge ourselves in the area of godly character—not talent. Character reveals who we really are. We must learn to know ourselves. Know our weaknesses. Know our strong points. Let’s shore up our shortcomings by reading the Word every day in areas where we are vulnerable. That will build a bulwark against the enemy because that’s where he will attack.

If you played football, did you ever attack the other team where they were the strongest? No. In studying the field, the coach discovered their weaknesses and attacked there.

God knows where we are and who we are. The devil also knows us and will attack our weak areas. That’s why we need to shore up those parts of our lives. Everybody has a weak point, and we must guard against it.

Even when we’re struggling, God is there to help us. The Holy Spirit is there to shore us up. But we have to be willing to walk the line no matter what. Make the determination: “I will walk the line with character, integrity, faith, and purpose!” Take a bold stand!

Fourth Quarter

Craig W. Hagin

If you played sports, particularly football, the fourth quarter is the time to turn it up and go up another notch. Today, we are living in the fourth quarter—in the last days, and it’s time to finish strong!

Sometimes we don’t give our best because we’re distracted by what’s going on around us. Quit being distracted! If we’re going to give God our best in the fourth quarter, we have to give Him our attention and clear off the distractions.

We practice football on the field. When we practice Christianity, we practice on our knees—sometimes by ourselves. That’s when we win the battle.

It’s the fourth quarter. Finish strong. Don’t give up. Let’s give it our best! We will do things we never thought we could do if we don’t let the devil distract us.

“There’s value in preparation. You get rewarded when you prepare. Regardless of what stage of life you’re in, one practical way to get prepared is to dream big. Too many people are winging it. They wake up every day and do the same thing. They have no game plan for where they want to go. What will your friendships, your church, or your marriage look like in 10 years? It’s better to dream big and start small. Don’t let another day go by where you’re not being purposeful, where you’re not thinking how can tomorrow be better than today.” // Don Burns

“The Lord is interested in us growing to a point where our faith can move mountains. Where our faith is pure and without contaminants. It’s not an overnight process. The only way faith can be proven true is through testing. I spent years resisting testing, and then I learned the purpose of the tests was to prove my faith. Character only develops through endurance and perseverance that is afforded to us by trouble. Stop looking at [trouble] as the devil and see it as an opportunity for your faith to grow.” // Darrin Baldwin

“God didn’t call us to have fear at any point in our lives. When I started a study on fear, I noticed different instances where preachers spoke on fear and said, ‘It’s okay to do life with fear. Just don’t let fear drive you. Let it sit in the passenger seat to encourage you!’ I thought, ‘No!’ Show me in the Bible where it’s okay to let fear have any place in your life! It’s not there! God doesn’t want you to have any inkling of fear in your body!” // Fabian McCune

“How can you be a great leader and not serve? You can’t! Many people call themselves great leaders, but they’re not submitted to anybody. Here’s the problem: You’re trying to be a leader, when God wants you to be a ‘lead follower.’ I want to be the lead in following the vision God gave His church in St. Augustine. I want to be following the Hagin family who are ‘lead followers’ behind the Holy Spirit for the mandate of Rhema. A true ‘lead follower’ doesn’t look for followers but follows what God says.” // Earl Glisson

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