2020: Ministry Didn’t Stop!

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The year 2020 held more surprises than anyone could have predicted. Hearts were in deeper need of hope. Minds struggled in a maze of a pandemic, riots, natural disaster, and fear. Healing and peace became a desperate, global cry. When people needed one another most, in-person connections were sometimes impossible. The world shut down, but Kenneth Hagin Ministries ramped up and reinvented.

Virtual Shift

»Colombia »Brazil »Nigeria »Europe »Africa »Middle East »(and beyond!)

Freedom to travel took on new meaning as the Hagins “traveled” the world from their homes via online video conferences and social media. This year’s international “trip” was a virtual adventure in Colombia, Brazil, and Nigeria by way of cameras and computers. The entire Hagin family connected with Rhema leaders in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Kenneth W. Hagin also appeared on The Victory Channel as as a guest on Kenneth Copeland Ministries’ Victory Update.

Facebook became a place to be ministered to beyond live broadcasts with teaching and prayer. Lynette Hagin brought comfort by playing the piano and singing hymns. Denise Hagin Burns even joined in on the singing, and Craig W. Hagin read bedtime stories for little ones.

Digital expansion brought hope into quarantined homes. Worldwide audiences enjoyed virtual events from Rhema grads and others who invited the Hagins as special speakers. Even glimpses of their personal life made the isolated world a little more warm, loving, and connected.

“We are doing great things around the world—even in the middle of a pandemic!”

—Craig W. Hagin

Spreading the Word in an Online World

Because Kenneth Hagin Ministries has been broadcasting for decades, the structure was already in place to expand. YouTube Live was added to the array, along with a new channel for “Timeless Teachings” by the late Kenneth E. Hagin. Smaller portions of “Timeless Teachings” have been released on Rhema for Today and available as podcasts free of charge.

During the height of pandemic lockdowns, many digital products usually sold at rhema.org/store were made available at no cost. More free resources were added to rhema.org/studycenter, and daily emails from the devotionals Health Food and Faith Food encouraged wider audiences than ever before.

The hub for spiritually hungry people at rhema.org/media continued to connect and release more of the Word in various formats to read or hear online and by subscription:

»Rhema USA App »rhema.tv »Video on Demand »Timeless Teachings

»The Word of Faith Magazine »Rhema Praise »Rhema for Today

»Message of the Month

The Unstoppable Ones


Rhema students (and teachers) conquered the challenge of completing their studies during a pandemic. And for the first time in the school’s history, the Rhema USA campus hosted its first RBTC graduation.

“The class of 2020 will be a class of remembrance, because it’s the first time we have held commencement inside the Rhema Bible Church auditorium.”

—Kenneth W. Hagin, president

» RBTC Worldwide*

265 campuses

50 nations

88,537 graduates

10,041 advanced ministry training graduates
3,391 Rhema churches by graduates
*at time of publication

Real People, Real Lives

»Naples, Florida

»Miami, Florida

»Decatur, Alabama

»Dothan, Alabama

Living Faith Crusades were held throughout the year whenever possible. Though many crusades were canceled due to restrictions on public gatherings, several were also held in person. Rev. Kenneth W. Hagin brought his signature “talk to you like family” style to southern churches, and Lynette Hagin led the gatherings in prayer.

Pray for Me!

»Prayer Partners »Prayer and Healing Center

»Partner Services »Prayer Cloths

The backbone of Kenneth Hagin Ministries is prayer. Restrictions during part of the year temporarily prevented prayer lines at events, gatherings at the Prayer and Healing Center, and volunteering as a prayer partner. But prayer continued! Phone calls turned into voicemail. Every request was written down and prayed over like the emails and letters that also come in.

Prayer cloths were sent out in record numbers by the partner services department, and testimonies of healings returned with news of complete recoveries from disease and viruses like COVID-19 to physical injuries and heart failure.

Even during economic shutdowns, reports of provision came in. Perhaps the most simple and beautiful expression was this: “Never had money for food. Now I’m buying food for pantries.”

Special prayer services were held through the year that streamed live worldwide. Some were held with empty rooms and a skeleton production staff, but prayer not only continued—it expanded to meet the needs of people facing fear and unprecedented challenges.

The Core Remained Strong

Winter Bible Seminar and Rhema Homecoming is always a strategic time of preparation and calibration. This year, it set the tone for the rest of the year!

“Don’t look around at everything going on and allow fear to come in. Walk in God’s Spirit. Remember: Jesus defeated the devil!” —Kenneth W. Hagin

“When you run a race, you strip down to the bare essentials. Let go of the weights and run God’s race.” —Lynette Hagin

“Every single season has a purpose, and you have to find that purpose.” —Denise Hagin Burns

“There’s no situation that Jesus doesn’t already have a solution for. It might not look good right now, but you are victorious!” —Craig W. Hagin

Campmeeting, Kindle the Flame Women’s Conference, and A Call to Arms Men’s Conference all experienced some tweaking and last-minute changes as safety protocol continued to change throughout the year. Kenneth Hagin Ministries remains grateful for every opportunity to band together in person!

Overall, 2020 has been a year of extreme tests and new outreach. The worldwide Rhema family took every challenge and became even stronger! Together we continue to press forward with the mandate God gave to Kenneth E. Hagin: “Go teach My people faith.”

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